Klassy customizable theme - versions 5 and 6 released for Plasma 5.27 and Plasma 6.0 respectively

After months of work, Klassy 5 and Klassy 6 are released!

Release notes

Installation instructions for Plasma 5.27

Installation instructions for Plasma 6.0


Very nice man, very nice. :+1:t2::tropical_drink::tropical_drink:

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Klassy is right!

There’s a lot of options here and I’m sure there’s something for everyone. I don’t like the centered Tabs but many do. I have never really used them for very long so there’s still a chance it’ll grow on me.

I really like the scroll bar options and the title bar adjustments.
And I like the Title bar separator, too. The title bar was always a different color or something then it was just everything ran together. I guess I like what I’m used to, like most people.

Thank you!

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Thank you for your comments.

What do you mean by “centred tabs” though? Klassy application style tabs are not centred by default - they are left-aligned as before - I just hacked in a “Presets…” button in the Window Decoration settings to overlay over the tabs at the top-right, so maybe that is what is confusing.

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It’s in Klassy Settings, Application Style.
The first check box is Centere Tab Bar Tabs.
(Interface bug. It says Tabbar and should be Tab Bar).

In Dolphin this centers the tabs when you have multiple tabs open. It’s a pretty nice feature but like I said, I think I’m stuck in my old ways. But sometimes I do find things that I wish I had 30 years ago. I’m sure that’s how some people feel about centered tabs.

I really don’t like the tablet look that’s becoming so popular. We used to have only monochrome and later, a few colors. Now you’re seeing people make themes that could’ve been displayed on an old IBM PC (almost).

I’m all for customization and that’s why I use KDE. It’s always been the best for that and so far, Plasma 6 broke QtCurve (I just found a fork for QT6). BeSpin was nice too but not available anymore. I think you’’ have a hit on your hands!!!

Sorry for the late reply.

I’ve been busy tracking down a couple of Plasma bugs in the new Plasma 6. When the login screen comes up, it has a good size white mouse cursor (Oxygen White). Then it changes to a tiny black cursor, but when you hit the button after entering your password, it goes back to Oxygen White.
Once in Plasma if you press Ctl+Alt+F2 you can see SDDM is still there with a nice white cursor.

I think it’s not just a configuration error and the SSDM KCM is missing. Anyway…it’s one of those things that’ll probably get fixed and I’ve wasted a lot of time, but I learned a lot about he boot chain. :slightly_smiling_face:

“Centre tabbar tabs” is not checked by default though, and that is just as taken from the Breeze application style - it just happens to be the first option in the Application Style settings which I have not reorganized yet after forking from Breeze (most effort in Klassy so-far has gone into the Window Decoration over the Application Style).

I don’t think you are “stuck in old ways” (sometimes old ways are the best ways!) as I don’t like centred tabs either, and I have never seen anyone using them.

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Some Paul. Some. :rofl:

Hi, I see dark windows so I guess it is a dark theme. Do you also have a light theme, or can this one be adjusted to be a light theme?

There are both light and dark themes included.

The main features are in the customizable window decoration, where you can change almost anything.

Thanks, I will download it and see what you’ve created.

Can it get accent color from wallpaper when it changes?

That has nothing to do with klassy. You can enable that for every colour scheme.

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