Klevernotes: Flatpak (Nighlty version)!

This post will be shorter than the others.

Klevernotes is now available as a flatpak (Nightly version) through KDE cdn.

To install it, simply run:

flatpak install --user --or-update https://cdn.kde.org/flatpak/klevernotes-nightly/org.kde.klevernotes.flatpakref

This is based on the following tutorial.

Why not Flathub?

Klevernotes does not currently have a “stable version” (this does not mean that it is unstable, it just lacks certain requirements), to be on the safe side I prefer not to publish anything on Flathub until then.

Important information

Due to some limitations of the flatpak, I couldn’t get the pdf printing/previewing to work properly (either it doesn’t print or it prints without the custom style).
I chose to deactivate the functionality if the application works in Flatpak.

However, I added the possibility to export the note (with all its style) as an html file, this way you can open it in the browser of your choice and make it a pdf if you wish:sweat_smile :

Side note: I love flatpak as a user, but I hate it as a developer :smiling_face_with_tear:


The ability to Ctrl+V directly an image was requested and has been implemented. Pasting an image (not just its path) will now open the ‘Image Picker’ dialog to allow you to choose a name for it, the image will automatically be stored in your note’s ‘Pictures’ folder.
It is already available in flatpak.

What’s next ?

I’m still working on Vim motion (I had to start again, but it’s progressing well).
I’m also looking to integrate TODO into the calendar.

That’s it for me, see you soon with more news! :smile:

Link to the repo: Office / KLeverNotes · GitLab
Link to the last post: Klevernotes: UI changes, performance improvements and more!