Klevernotes: UI changes, performance improvements and more!


There has been quite a lot of merge since last time lots of minor tweaks/bugs fixes but also some big changes. Let’s take a look a this!

What’s new ?

Tweaks/Bugs fixes

I’m not going to list and explain each one since there are more or less 20 of them.

  • Tweak wikilink regex

    The wikilink regular expression (used for the linked note) was not done correctly, which meant that sometimes it grabbed things it should’t. For example a bash if the statement (if [[ -z $foo ]]; then) inside a block of code could have been interpreted as wikiling. This MR fixes the problem.

  • Tweak table dialog + table rendering

    The number of rows generated by the table dialog was offset by one.

    There were sometimes ‘pipe’ | inside of empty cells.

    I was not a big user of tables before this, which is why I did not notice the issue :sweat_smile:

  • Regex: corrects translation errors and simplify some

    I won’t go into to much details for this one. The important things are:

    • The “indented code block” was removed, it was inferior to the “fenced” one and was ennoying to deal with.
    • Embeded html tags finally works !!! :partying_face:
  • Fix PrintingPage style when changing colorscheme

  • Many more…


  • Plugin toggler now use Switch instead of Checkbox

    I’ve read something about this that pretty much said the following

    Switches allow instant change, checkboxes require something like an “apply” button for their modification to take effect

    This makes a lot of sense in my opinion, hence the change.

    See UXTweaks - Checkbox vs Toggle Switch: When to Use Which for more info :grin:

  • Reorganize EditorView visual layout

    I kind of followed the frameless style here (kind of by accident). The editor UI was, in my opinion, a bit cluttered. This removes the “dark” background in the editor/preview and rearranges the scrollbars. This, in addition to the reduced sidebar, makes it easier to focus on a single note (almost a “zen” mode).

    Note: The icon were still a bit messed up at that time, see next point :wink:

  • Use symbolic icons everywhere

    With the changes happening to Breeze icon, some of the icon in the app were slowly changing shape/color. Using symbolic icon should ensure that everything stay black and white.

  • Possibility to collapse the sidebar and Sidebar more improvements

    On the desktop, the sidebar can sometimes be quite big and distracting. What’s the need to view the whole Treeview when you’re focusing on a single note ? The sidebar can now be collapsed to only take a small portion of the window !

    For some time now (nearly a year), you can search your notes by name using the magnifying glass icon at the top of the sidebar. However, there was no shortcut for this :disappointed:

    This fixes the issue, using Ctrl+F (might change to Ctrl+Shift+F in the future), you can now trigger the search bar.

    The fact that the sidebar can now be collapsed sometimes makes the position of the search box a little weird; it will now appear in the center of the window when you are in “collapsed” mode.


Quality of life

What’s next ?

  • Better support for math equation.

    I hesitate. AsciiMath looks pretty nice, or/and support for a LaTeX subset might be useful for this. But we’ll have to wait, because I’m currently working on something much more important to me!

  • Vim emulation !

    I’ve been using Neovim for about 6 months now, which makes the current way of navigating in the Klevernotes editor seem terrible to me. I want (and need lol) to have a Vim emulation (the basic elements are already here). This will obviously never be as powerful, but that’s not the goal.

As always, don’t hesitate to give me your opinion, I will be happy to discuss :smile:

Link to the repo: Office / KLeverNotes · GitLab
Link to the last post: KleverNotes: Monthly news


This app is really cool, I like how it’s progressing.

Something I’d love to eventually see is that I could create a TODO and it would be added as a task to my calendar.

For example Kmail allows you to do this about any email like this


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Thank you !

That’s a pretty cool idea, I will take a look at this


Am I missing something, or does it look a lot like QOwnNotes?

The original vision for the app was:

QOwnNote but less confusing (to me at least) and using Kirigami

Based on your comment I got it right I think :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

More seriously, the vision hasn’t really changed but I try more and more to make my own thing and to integrate other app ideas, or people ideas. You can ask something if you want, I will be happy to add it if that fits in the app and if I’m capable to make it.

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Would love to see this as a Snap/Flatpak :slight_smile:

Does it currently have Nextcloud support?

Currently working on flatpak. I just need to solve an issue related to code highlighting the app rely on external executable for this, that does not play well with sandbox. And there’s also an issue with pdf.

I’ll make another update once those issues are solved

I was asked to take a look at the QOwnNote API QOwnNotesAPI Nextcloud App | QOwnNotes for better integration with Next Cloud, sadly I don’t know anything about php and I don’t have time to learn this (hopefuly during the holiday)

Right now the best way to use it with Next Cloud is just share your storage (that what I do with syncthing for exemple).
The “storage” is just the directory where all you note are stored (the whole treeview actually).