KleverNotes: Here's some news!

Hey !

It’s been roughly a month and I’m back with more KleverNotes news !

I ended the last post by saying :

As I said, the new C++ parser makes life much easier for new features. I’m now working on a “note linking” feature, similar to Obsidian (the map won’t be included with this).

Well, this and the following things are now a reality !

What’s new ?


Here’s what I mean by plugin :

A feature that goes beyond the normal scope of Markdown.
It is considered a ‘plugin’ and can be enabled/disabled at any time in the settings.
A plugin is disabled by default.

I wanted to do this for a very long time. This was the second isssue I created for the project, and it is now done (even at the “header level”).

You may wonder, ‘what’s the use of it ?’

This is awesome for me when I take note in class. I can link each chapters between each other and all of them to my main summary. Love it :heart:!

This requires external packages like KSyntaxHighlighter, Chroma or Pygments to handle the highlighting. I could add other tools as long as they’re available through CLI.

(A link to the list of supported highlighters is available through the settings entry of this plugin :wink:)

As a bonus, the code lines now wrap nicely inside the little “window” instead of disappearing behind it.

Quality of life:

This made my life much easier when I need to switch between my class storage and my “code testing” one.

3 main things:

  1. Fonts are now correctly saved in the config.
  2. Possibility to choose the block code and the editor fonts
  3. Possibility to choose the font size (The default CSS styles have been adapted to it)

Bugs fixes

I found those 2 while writing this ! Easy fixes :sunglasses:

What’s next ?

From most to least important :

  • Cleaning up the code base. Reorganizing, using good practice, removing dead code, etc…(work has started)

  • Revamping the settings page. The introduction of plugins and the addition of fonts make the whole UI quite messy. I really like the design of the ‘System Settings Energy Saving page’ seen in This week in KDE: Plasma 6 Alpha approaches

  • Tweaking the TODO list UI, using FormCard

  • I’m still thinking about emoji (using the same syntax as the one here :the_emoji_name:), this will most likely be based on the way NeoChat does it, but I need to take time to check it out exactly.

  • Now that my note linking issue is solved, the next issue to tackle is “Add suppport for external renderers”. I’m currently looking at plantuml which seems to be the easiest one to integrate (easy CLI integration)

  • I’m looking at the Markdown Guide: Extended Syntax and the highlight text (as well as other)feature seems interresting.

Quick side note:

I did take a look at the QOwnNotesAPI and while I think it would be great I have 2 issues:

  1. I don’t know anything about php, which makes the code hard to understand.
  2. I don’t have a NextCloud/ownCloud instance.

This will have to wait I guess :confused:

Thanks for reading !

I’ll be happy to discuss anything :smile:

Link to the project: Office / KLeverNotes · GitLab


Really good stuff! It would be quite nice to use this instead of Obsidian eventually :slight_smile:

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I started it as “QOwnNotes” but less confusing (imo) but Obsidian is more and more becoming the goal yes :smiley:

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I am currently using Joplin primarily because it is cross platform but avoiding electron is always a plus.

It might not replace Joplin since it is not cross platform, not that I don’t want it to be, I just need the time and knowlegde to do so.

But you can give it a try anyway, I’m looking for feedback ! :smiley: