Locally Integrated Menu and krunner-appmenu: an offer

Hi Devs!

I am writing because I am willing to pay to implement the following two functions:

Locally Integrated Menu: menu integrated into the window decoration as in Zren’s material-kwin-decoration (see link below). I ask that it be integrated into kwin/kdecoration so that it is available for any decoration.

krunner-appmenu: plugin for krunner that searches inside the application menu. Currently there is a plugin working quite well but only for X11.

Here is a topic on the subject with links to two projects that currently only work on X11 A bit of Unity in KDE: Locally integrated menu and Hud.

Both functions should be implemented for both X11 and Wayland.

My budget is $ 100 for LIM and $ 30 for krunner-appmenu, to be donated to KDE.

I hope other people can integrate my offer.



I’ll throw in another 100 bucks for Locally Integrated Menu support on Wayland :+1: