A bit of Unity in KDE: Locally integrated menu and Hud

Dear all,

for a few years now I have been currently using two third party features that implement in KDE two good ideas from the gold-but-old Ubuntu Unity: locally integrated menus and HUD (i.e. menu search). I know that regarding LIM there is a discussion started by Niccolò Venerandi. I don’t think it should be on by default but it would be useful to have it as an option. It’s really convenient and doesn’t change the normal workflow like the global menu does that forces extra mouse movements.

Regarding HUD, I know that some KDE apps implement it internally, but the most convenient and general solution might be integration in krunner. On my machine briefly pressing ALT brings up krunner but it only searches menus.

The combination of these two features really makes everything more productive.

What are your thoughts on this?


Locally Integrated Menu

Krunner-appmenu (Hud)

I’m pro. I don’t use titlebars at all but yeah, could be nice. Btw, is it Draft you’re using?

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No, because it’s heavy bugged. I use material decoration with lim GitHub - Zren/material-decoration: Material-ish window decoration theme for KWin, with LIM, based on zzag's original design. (there is also a fork more similar to breeze here but less maintained: GitHub - David-118/Breeze-Decoration-LIM: Breeze like decorations with a locally integrated menu based on Zren's code.)

I see. Well, yes, it could be nice.

I think that would be one of the greatest features ever. I am probably not the only one who rather uses a search engine to search for settings rather than looking through the menu’s. Using integrated search would speed that up!

Can you share the link please?

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I feel this should be higher priority @ngraham @niccolove given both developer and user interest. Locally integrated menus are a much better fit than global ones for KDE, since by default it only uses one panel. Moreover it would provide that extra bit of ui consistency across apps, since a lot of them now have something in the titlebar.

The current hamburger menu isn’t ergonomic due to its tiny size.

Too bad progress has stalled on the original merge for several years.