Map Samba network drive: fstab best practice

Hi all,
I open this thread to ask you some tips and suggestions to map a Samba network drive (or folders).
I’m asking now because I’ve seen that Dolphin has some problems managing files to my mapped network folders and, as I’d like to debug what’s going on, I’d like to be sure to have done the best settings for my setup and use.
Probably the fstab setup I use to map these network folders are correct as it worked since few days ago but I prefer a comment from someone more expert.

My network setup is:

  • a file server with kubuntu with Samba installed and some folders shared (these are accessible using both Linux and Windows)
  • some Win clients
  • a KDE Neon where I work on

The Neon computer load those network folders with this fstab config:

//fileserverIP/path/folder /media/userNeon/folder  cifs    uid=1000,credentials=/home/userNeon/.smb/access.txt,iocharset=utf8,noperm,nofail   0       0

Considering that I want to have full control on those folders, is it correct this setup?


I usually include gid=1000 as well, but that looks about right to me.

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Probably I’m suffering a bug in the kernel that it should be solved when the 6.5.0-35 will be released…at least, if I’m not in trouble, looking to this site seems fixed.
Am I right to think that when it will be released I’ll find on Discover too?
Am I right to think that if a kernel is released for Ubuntu, it will be released for Neon too?

I hope yes because this issue it’s quite a problem.

Is there here anyone that is using cifs mapped drives that have this problem?

Just to inform that my issue was solved by the last kernel release as my previous message.

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