Marknote 1.1.0

Marknote 1.1.0 is out! Marknote is the new WYSIWYG note-taking application from KDE. Despite the latest release being just a few days ago, we have been hard at work and added a few new features and, more importantly, fixed some bugs.

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The app is good, but for a desktop note-taking app, it feels like it’s dedicated to touch usage with all those UI changes upon resizing and those slow animations, especially the one when you wait for edit pane to appear after you click on any note, it just feels slow for mouse usage.

How can we install it? I can’t find it in Neon in Discover.

I have it on Arch, looks like it’s in Neon Testing → marknote package versions - Repology

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I’ve got the flatpak on Arch. Version 1.1.1

I am using it. Had some issues which has been solved after new update. My question is where the notes are being saved? I am finding it hard to locate my note .md files. I want to sync my notes with cloud.

Mines are stored in ~/Documents/Notes/