Multi screen mouse "Jumping"

Hey there,

My problem is, that when i move my mouse from one screen to another, there is a vertical space between the point where the mouse leaves the screen and where it enters the second screen. When I try to align it in the screen settings, its only aligned at one point, but if I move the mouse up a bit and move to the other screen, there is a gap again.

I am using Kubuntu 23.10
My KDE-Plasma version is 5.27.8
KDE Framework version is 5.110.0

Primary screen resolution: 2560x1440
Second screen resolution: 1920x1080

I have this problem for years now, even when using gentoo with KDE.
I think its some kind of scaling problem?
Is this going to be fixed in plasma 6?
I heard even Windows users/losers have a similar problem.

In KDE6 under Wayland, monitors can be scaled individually until they align See Settings->Display & Monitor->Display Configuration.

In KDE or KDE6 under X11 you can only achieve independently scaled monitors by using xrandr, for example:

xrandr --output DP-4 --auto --output DP-0 --auto --scale 1.75x1.75 --right-of DP-4

I put this in a X11 startup script /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc.d/ so that it’s dne at login before KDE initialises. See for detailed explanation of xrandr.

This leaves my 4k monitor on DisplayPort-4 unscaled, and my 1920 display on DisplayPort-0 scaled 1.75. I then do further vertical alignment adjustment in KDE Settings->Display & Monitor->Display Configuration.

Thanks for your reply, I tried the Wayland scaling methode, but it just scales everything, that means, now you can’t read anything, because its so small

I think many users scale their 2K/4K displays until they are acceptable, they leave their standard 1080 monitors unscaled. Perhaps you should try that: scale the 2k monitor, and don’t scale the 1080p.

I do the opposite because I want images and documents to preview at the DPI of my 4K monitor - apparently that is quite unusual (discussed here this thread). KDE developers expect that users don’t mind that images or document scales are changed, these users just want a retina effect.