No Accessibility Modifier Keys Notification on Wayland


I want to get auditory feedback when CAPS and NUM Keys are pressed because the “Lock Key Status” Tray Item is bad (I already posted it on
I enabled both options in the accessibility settings, but it doesn’t do anything. Is this intentional or do I need to enable something else?

Plasma 6.0.4


Wayland currently isn’t great for accessibility. Not sure if this is a kde or or wayland upstream issue.

Can you link your bug report, so I can keep track. Maybe I can make something happen.

This was my report in “importance: NOR wishlist”. I didn’t file a bug report regarding the accessibility thing - I tried the accessibility thing as a “substitute” because there is no way to display NUM / CAPS change on KDE.

On GNOME, there are several methods and even on Windows, this is possible. I think this should be implemented.

Ubuntu Program which had this functionality already in 2010:

Recent GNOME Shell Extension:

XFCE Panel Plugin:

Windows FOSS Program:

KDE’s native “Lock Key Status”
A) doesn’t show OSD
B) doesn’t show the state always; there is no “yes or no” functionality
C) at least on my system, I don’t know if it’s a bug but I think it’s not, I can’t see NUM and CAPS on the tray. This weird thing happens where the two icons “merge” when both is enabled at the same time - again not being a useful indication of the current state.