Personalized keyboard shortcuts gone after update to plasma 6. How to put them back?


After updating to kde plasma 6.0 the keyboard custom shortcuts are gone.

I used to have a group and in that group all my shortcuts.

I’ve tried to click on the “import” top right option and selected “personal scheme” and remove the “filter” to be able to see all files and them select the backup file of my shortcuts.
It ended up with an entry in the “system preference” section.
But it still doesn’t work as it appears to only have the labels/text/title of my shortcuts and the keyboard shortcut to activate them, but no action assign to it.

Any way to import my old group of keyboard shortcuts?

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This happens to me too and I’ve posted on bugs kde org about it as well. How they didn’t consider this a critical issue is beyond me, and there’s no recommended solution.

I’ve “upgraded” to KDE Plasma 6.0.3 on Xorg

In Plasma 6, System Settings has no more a “Custom Shortcuts” section.

I have read that khotkeys (Plasma 5) was deprecated and would not be maintained in Plasma 6, months ago, when I was trying Plasma 6 alpha / beta / RC in KDE Neon Unstable.

So, I had to replace my Custom Shortcuts (commands) with the shortcut options that still exist.