Plasma shortcuts to enter text strings

I’ve read a few topics here about custom shortcuts disappearing, like this one for example

So I know that khotkeys is gone (sad face) and things have changed a bit with shortcuts …

Setting shortcut keys to run apps and scripts is not a problem. But I used to have a few “text expander” type shortcuts that I used a lot when khotkeys was still with us. Like ctrl+alt+something to enter a password. Or alt+d to enter the date in a custom format

I know about expanso and autokey, but it was kinda cool to have that ability within kde, without adding any third party software.

I’ve also read that kglobalaccel can do all kinds of tricks, but have not been able to make it dance yet …

Any ideas about how this could be done within plasma??

The biggest hit for me was that this included Mouse Gestures…

What hasn’t disappeared is XCompose, which I now use for some short phrases…

Also for this: Alt then smi gives ( ͡❛ ͜ʖ ͡❛)

kate ~/.XCompose

Edit to your :heart:’s content - here’s a few ideas…

<Multi_key> <d> <e> <g> <c>: "°C"
<Multi_key> <s> <m> <i>: "( ͡❛ ͜ʖ ͡❛)"
<Multi_key> <t> <i> <c> <k>: "✔"
<Multi_key> <h> <h> <g> <k>: "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"
<Multi_key> <m> <y> <a> <d>: "Mind your own business - I'm not doxing myself"

I started with it when I had trouble just remembering common things… like °C and some different currencies, and I work best in plain English - so it’s good to know there’s still some ways to get around sh1T ;):point_up: :beers:

Thanks for that - I haven’t used xcompose yet but it does look useful.
Will give it a try.
May also stick with autokey (which is an excellent tool of course)

Another maybe more tricky solution to find …
I had a few mappings set up with khotkeys which mapped “G” keys on my Logitech keyboard to keyboard/mouse operations …
like I could use
G2 key to simulate the End key (which is broken :frowning: )
G5 key to simulate left-mouse click (nice for situations needing repetitive mouse clicks)
Any ideas how this could be set up now?

I’m also wondering if shortcut assignment in plasma might yet evolve some more …?

I can just use xmodmap (get keycode for each key with xed)
easy :grinning: