Screen sharing dialog has to be accepted twice

I’m running Plasma 6 under Wayland (Fedora 40), and whenever I try to screen share something (in Firefox, Discord, etc.) I have to go through the dialog where it asks what you want to share twice. I see some mentions of this online from the Plasma 5 era, but the threads all seem to say it’s resolved. What am I missing here? Firefox is running under Wayland, not Xwayland.


I’ve had to do this since the Plasma 6 update as well.

I also similarly have to do this to share my screen (in wayland at least).

For example, in discord I select “share screen” and the Plasma screenshare dialogue pops up. Select “screen”, discord’s dialogue pops up, additionally asking which I want to stream, (application, screen). Select “screen”, but then the Plasma dialogue pops up again and asks which I want to stream. Select “screen” and it works.

Interestingly, I can select whatever I like (screen, relevant application, different application) in plasma’s first dialogue and it doesn’t matter so long as I select the correct thing to be screenshared in discord’s and plasma’s next dialogue. Could be relevant, could be irrelevant, I’m not sure.

Ideally only one dialogue would be used, but I understand 2 might be needed (1 for Plasma, 1 for discord). However, it is strange that I have to go through 3 dialogues, seems redundant.