SDDM Themes Broken

Even after installing a theme ported to Plasma 6, like Mojave, the theme doesn’t load. Instead, on the login screen, it says that module QtQuick.Controls is not installed.

Plasma Version: 6.0.4
OS: Fedora 40

Not much information here is there?

Like a precise link to what you think you installed, a method as to how you installed it…

For sure, there’s no ‘Mojave’ Global Theme is there?

Looking quickly, I did find GitHub - vinceliuice/McMojave-kde: MacOSX Mojave like theme for KDE Plasma and the last activity being a year ago, before we had Plasma 6.

This looks like it’s not getting many recent updates (SDDM some 4 years ago) so I’m not sure this is one of vinceliuice’s top priorities, and it’s certainly not a concern for KDE.

You should report issues on the GIT, or wherever you believe you found the version ‘ported to plasma 6’. Certainly in the kde store, it’s had no comments for 2 years and is looking distinctly old and unloved with the last fixes coming in March-April 2023 (it’s 2024 now).

Meanwhile, check out something that seems a little better supported, like GitHub - vinceliuice/Orchis-theme: Orchis is a [Material Design]( theme for GNOME/GTK based desktop environments.

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You seem to be correct. I assumed that the get new SDDM themes section would only show themes that support Plasma 6, just like the get new widgets section.
Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

P.S To find themes that support Plasma 6, sort by the latest themes


Also, some help with this widget issue and this wallpaper issue would be appreciated