Settings for one or all windows


I have a few questions about Dolphin. I set it to remember the setting for one window, but it still applies to all. For instance, in the current window I hide the location pane. When I open a new window, it also opens without one. So it does apply to all instead of the current.

Also, if I want to move a file or folder, I’m asked if I want to copy or move. If I want to move, the shortcut would be to hold shift, but that doesn’t do anything, I still get the context menu that asks me if I want to copy, move or link to.

I already asked: is it possible to let Dolphin remember the position of a folder-window? Each time I open the folder with my accounting files, it starts at the top in stead of last place visited.

And more one question: on Mac, if you press spacebar on a selected file, you see a preview of that file. Is there an equivalent on Fedora/KDE to do that?