Some latte-dock features? For KDE Plasma 6.1 (My thoughts)

So, Latte-Dock is dead and nobody seems to want to port it, so i think if this were in default plasma panel it would be nice

1: Escalating Icons

A really cool feature in Latte-Dock for me was the escalating icons feature, it felt just nice to be fair.

2: Different type of reaction to click

The mouse cursor one is very cool, but i think it would be nice if it also had a reaction on the icon itself, like it jumping like on the cursor, but also on the icon

3: Reaction to when you open an app that is not pinned

The same jumping animation would be nice

4: Ability to create only layouts for the dock

I can create new global themes easily and bla-bla, but i’m pretty sure that i can’t switch the dock or taskbar layout without or having to do it myself or switching my global theme

That’s about it, i don’t miss anything else from Latte-Dock.

ALL Latte dock features need to be ported over to the Plasma docks.


This would be quite an endeavor, though… :wink:

Perhaps let’s wait until the current functional (and graphical) bugs of the Plasma Panel are corrected and take small steps from there (I miss Latte Dock dearly in Plasma 6, too).
And don’t let us forget that those things are mostly done by volunteers.

Before recreating all these features I’d say the more “basic” feature of adding a slider or something to easily adjust the panel’s transparency (as in Panel Colorizer) is more important. See for example Elementary’s new work-in-progress dock that is going to replace Plank because of its incompatibility with Wayland:

Okay, maybe you’re right, it’s just that i didn’t use transparency that much, only blur :sweat_smile:

Something that Latte has that Plasma needs is the ability to have panels on perpendicular edges not overlap but let the user decide which extends to the screen corner and which shorten.

Basically I need to be able to make something that looks like Unity/Ubuntu’s panels: the horizontal panel extends to the left edge while the vertical panel is blocked by the horizontal one from reaching the top.

Currently there’s a lot of bugs right now: the vertical panel can shift the horizontal one, but the entire horizontal panel is slightly offscreen instead of being slightly shorter

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Actually on Plasma 5 you could have a panels on the edges, a panel on the center, all that, on Plasma 6 that does not work, it goes on top of the other panel, i hate that, Plasma 6 was a bunch of steps forward but i’m sure that 1 or 2 steps behind.

These things are exactly what I meant (among several others) when I wrote

I would generally prefer that bugs are fixed before new features are added - but of course this is always the decision of the individual developer and a matter of context and possibility…