Stairway (5K abstract wallpaper)

Here are two rather abstract wallpapers, made essentially by distorting a shape into oblivion and putting the camera in a funny position.

I stuck to a familiar light blue as it’s not only the color I associate most with KDE, it’s also summer here, meaning blue skies and gentle summer Breeze-s.
For something that’s hopefully easier on the eyes at night, I added a hint of purple to the mix, though that’s merely a personal preference. (i love purple)

The wallpapers are in 5120x2880 resolution, widescreen, and… the original PNGs are quite huge because they’re uncompressed.
Since this is my first post I couldn’t upload both of them as separate images, so I put them into one image. I’m happy to (privately) provide a link to my Nextcloud folder containing the original, unedited and uncompressed renders along with my project files.
Please bear in mind though that I was using Cinema 4D and Affinity Photo. If you don’t have access to these programs, I’ll gladly show screenshots of how these projects look instead.

Oh, and if there’s demand, I can also make a vertical variant. I just haven’t made them yet because rendering these takes me over an hour.


Hi! Thank you so much for the submission! Just making sure, since you mentioned proprietary programs:

If asked, you should be able to provide the source files used to create the wallpaper in a non-proprietary format, like an Inkscape-compatible SVG, .blend, .kra, .xcf, etc.

Will you be able to provide source files in an open format? Thanks!

Sadly, next to providing the project files themselves, the best I could do is exporting an STL of that 3D model, which could then be opened in Blender for instance. The simple post color correction I made could also be done in GIMP. However the scene also relies on lighting effects and materials from a specific renderer.
That’s why I offered showing the project files opened in said programs instead, as I mostly use proprietary software for my work already.

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You could try exporting it as a Universal Scene Description (USD) file, which can be used in Blender.
and exporting as a LUT from Affinity Photo which can be imported pretty much everywhere.

if you are using Octane, that’s also available for Blender, even if proprietary.

I’m gonna give it a try, but it might take some time. Sorry.

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You have 3 months :wink:


As much as I do like the entry, I’m afraid it does not meet that requirement as it is now :-/ I really hope that Aron’s advice can work and that you’ll be able to replicate the render on Blender, let me know - with no hurry - if that works!


I have managed to export the scene from C4D and import the model and camera into Blender with Octane, so it should be possible for me to recreate.

Though I have basically no experience with Blender yet, I’ll try my best if that’s is the only thing holding back my submission.


If you managed to import the whole scene into Blender with Octane, and you can now send us the .blend file if necessary, then that’s good enough for me! It’s not necessary to re-render the wallpaper, we just need to make sure you’re able to provide the scene in an open format, such as Blender’s. Great!


Nice one! Might use this as a wallpaper myself rn, this kinda reminds me of certain wallpapers (ones I associated with is Mac OS X 10.0-10.4), but nice one.

Close enough, I hope.

I’ve exported the model and the camera from C4D as a .abc file, which I then imported into Blender, trying to copy the settings for the material and DayLight object as closely as I could.

I’m currently organizing the folders a bit, so expect an email with a link to my Nextcloud shortly.

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I want to use this wallpaper it’s nice

Here you go.

Lots of foss submissions and you’re helping this one cheat

Obviously, I won’t help anyone cheat. The rules do not require the usage of FOSS software, only for the files to be in a open format. My job here is to make sure everyone follows the rules and has a fair chance, I’m not here to say ‘we have enough submissions anyways’.


did you seriously sign up just to say this


The second one looks cool! The first one is fine but it feels a bit weird. Maybe because the shadows are appearing on the glare even.

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Great news: this entry was selected as a finalist! See here: Finalists Announcement!