System tray does not open anything when clicked

So the title says it all. It started after KF6.20&KF5.116 update. Wayland session here.
I know there was a similar topic here: Clicking at system tray on panel does not open anything , but the suggestion there to delete the panel and create a new default one does not have positive result any more. Sometimes it is possible to get the window back by resizing that “semicircle” but only in the case when floating panel is enabled.
There is a bug: 485456 – With Qt 6.7, System Tray popup is inappropriately resized to a tiny nub , but it seems that it is not fixed contrary to what it is saying…

Firstly, make sure you cleaned up your $USER data after upgrading Plasma 5 to 6.

Secondly, create a new USER to test any theory.

I thought I had this issue, and it turned out to be a symptom of my applied theming.

Plasma6 based Neon install here.
However - strange thing is that I can’t reproduce it any more after reboot…

Hi @ben2talk

do you have any specific steps to reset $User data?

i have also been experiencing this same issue with the system tray completely broken.

Taking your advice and testing with a new user the system tray is indeed working.

Would love to perform a tidy up of the $User data just don’t know where to start.

any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


The ‘USER’ data is contained in your HOME directory - hidden files and folders…

Upgrading to Plasma 6, first tip is to delete ~/.cache and to rename ~/.config to ~/5config to differentiate it from Plasma 6… after logging in it should then become a pretty vanilla desktop - but the system should still run as before.

To clear my last few glitches, I also did .local to 5local and found that I’d customised some launchers in there which needed resetting too.

After that, open Dolphin dual pane and move back things which you’re confident won’t mess up your desktop, each time logging out/in again to test it.

You should not replace your themes - install fresh, and make sure they’re all new and good for Plasma 6.

I had to fix quite a few shortcuts when I upgraded - some just moved from Ctrl to Meta and then I had to map a lot more to replace mouse gestures (lost when switching from X11 to Wayland)…

So a lot of new shortcut mapping - putting some stuff on F1 to F12 using Ctrl/Shift/Alt/ combinations there… layering sometimes so that I can have ‘Vol’ for master volume then Alt+Vol for ‘media control’ volume for the active application.

yep trashing the .local fixed systemtray.

its going to be a slow process getting everything back to normal.

appreciate the heads up will note it for the next time.


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You don’t need to trash the whole lot, just rename or copy to a new location and then selectively copy back stuff until you work out where the bugs come in.

Sorry i did rename not trash and followed your instructions.

should have been more on point with my reply.

Your assistance has saved me a lot of time and i’m very grateful.


Hello, I’m brand new here :slight_smile: I just installed KDE Neon today to try it out, but I’m experiencing this bug as well, which is what brought me to these forums. I have a video of this, but apparently I’m not allowed to post youtube links here.

The bug webpage says that this is fixed in 6.0.5, however I noticed that my KDE Plasma version is 6.0.4. Is 6.0.5 not the latest stable release yet? I’d like to get this fixed asap XD

Thanks in advance!