Task Manager Widget Icons Stay Displayed When Program is Launched

On Plasma 5 when using the Task Manager Widget, the icons for pinned programs were stacked up on the left of the panel, and when you launched them, you would get a new rectangle to the right and the icon-only on the left would disappear. The result is that the size of the quick launch portion of the task manager would shrift the more of its programs that are open.

Now in plasma 6, the pinned icons stay visible regardless of the launch status, meaning that there is not as much room on the taskbar to fit the programs that have already been launched.

Is there a way to make this go back to the plasma 5 behavior? Or is this a bug/feature request? If so, which category should it be reported in?

sounds like the grouping behavior under configure is what you want

Do you know which specific setting? I unchecked “group only when task manager is full” but this does not prevent the pinned quick launch button from remaining when the program is open.

gives the “+” sign to the icon


This is not the behavior I am talking about. Applications are grouping just fine. I am talking about how the apps pinned to the task manager used to hide their icons from the pinned section once they have been launched.

In this example, Dolphin, Brave, and Konsole would not have their icons on the left because they are already open.

This also sounds like the icons may be app launchers, as opposed to being pinned from the task manager, maybe? At least something to check.

maybe manual sorting then… i use the icons only task manager, not the regular task manager so my icons just light up as highlighted when there is an open instance (no extra icons are shown and no text is shown).

i tried the regular one, just to check and its seems to work as you describe on 5.27 but only for Qt apps (like dolphin) … firefox, for example, will keep the original launcher icon showing as it launches the new instance (with the text description).

so it could be an app specific thing.

Actually, you are using the standard, or classic Task Manager widget, not the Icons Only Task Manager (which normally is the default, unless a distro changes it iirc).

You can switch between task manager widgets by entering edit mode from the right-click, then hover over the task manager area, then select Show Alternatives, and select the desired one.


The classic task manager is the one that I want. I have also confirmed that the apps are in fact pinned and not separate widgets.

This is not app specific as the apps worked exactly as expected prior to upgrade to Plasma 6 and not a single app does this any more under 6.

Sounds like a bug to report.

I though that this behavior was normal, as it was how it used to be back in the day, last time I used the ‘normal’ task manager :older_man:

Looking and comparing the settings for both Plasma 5.27 and 6.0.2, they are identical.

Yeah, I’ve noticed that change in Plasma 6. Not sure if there’s a built-in way to revert back to the old behavior. You could try asking on the KDE forums or submitting it as a feature request. Maybe under Desktop Environment or User Interface category.

Actually, un-check the “keep launchers separate” option to get the desire behavior, and close any open apps to see the change applied.

This did not work for me at first. For some reason after I removed that test panel, and then added another one to re-examine info from this bug report , it began working for me.

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I have the same problem, and changing the “Keep launchers separate” doesn’t seem to fix it for me. It sometimes seems to fix, but not always.