The desktop takes longer to load after updating powerdevil, libddcutil, ddcutil

Fedora 39 KDE Plasma:
After updating powerdevil (to 5.27.10-3), libddcutil (to 2.1.2) and installing ddcutil (2.1.2-1), the desktop took longer to load. If a screensaver is configured in the settings, then after logging in the screensaver is displayed for 1-2 seconds before loading the desktop.

Fedora 40 KDE Plasma:
Similar behavior.

Does anyone have the similar behavior after update?

I can’t say much about PowerDevil on Plasma 5.27. But after the update to Fedora 40, i.e. Plasma 6.0, there are more logs as well as an ability (via environment variable) to disable the use of libddcutil if it causes problems. Please have a look at the PowerDevil README file and see if anything in there helps in understanding or working around the issue on your system.

Thanks! While the issue described in this topic is not resolved, I have found that turning DDC/CI off (POWERDEVIL_NO_DDCUTIL=1) resolves the issue with the energy profile slider blinking (