Wallaper Submission 1/3 __ ALYNA __ exceedTM

Hello KDE Community,
Hello KDE Visual Design Group,

with this post I would like to participate in the current wallpaper competition.
Below you can find a showcase of my first out of three submissions, named ALYNA.

On my Google Drive repository you can find the final wallpaper

  • in a high resolution .png file (5120x2880px)
  • in a light and dark version
  • the .xcf source file, documenting the design process starting from a white canvas

All of my wallpapers were created with GIMP 2.10.34 and exclusively for this competition. I hope you like my artwork.

Love and Rock’n’Roll !


Looks lovely, Tim! Congrats.

Looks great and the colors are nice!

Thanks to both of you for your feedback.
I hope more users will like my designs. :sunglasses:

absolutly the style of backgrounds i’m in love with. no diversion from anything

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Thank you for your feedback @chartmann ! :sunglasses: