Wallaper Submission 3/3 __ PASTAL __ exceedTM

Hello KDE Community,
Hello KDE Visual Design Group,

with this post I would like to participate in the current wallpaper competition.
Below you can find a showcase of my third out of three submissions, named PASTAL.

On my Google Drive repository you can find the final wallpaper

  • in a high resolution .png file (5120x2880px)
  • in a light and dark version
  • the .xcf source file, documenting the design process starting from a white canvas

All of my wallpapers were created with GIMP 2.10.34 and exclusively for this competition. I hope you like my artwork.

Love and Rock’n’Roll !


This is really great work! Solid and matching colors for a stable and well developed Plasma 6.

And can you maybe tell me how you created this image and your other submissions? They all have the same style with a matching color palette, orientation and purpose of use. I signed up specifically for a few hints :wink:

Greetings from Finland,

Thank you Anna for your feedback. :white_heart:
I really appreciate any positive feedback about my work.

Of course! :sunglasses:
With a lot of effort and a long testing procedure, I developed a standardized process containing filters, their parameterization and a few manual corrections. With this procedure, I was able to create an individual wallpaper based on a defined color palette. I applyied this technique on my other two sumbissions ALYNA and COPPAR as well.

In my provided .xcf source files you can find each step with an extra layer. So you can see the changes and the process, starting from a blank canvas.

If you want more details or even my .log file with all filters, parameters and corrections, just let me know. I would like to ensure transparency and follow the idea of open source. Even in my design process.

Love and Rock’n’Roll !


Thank you very much for your reply, Tim.
I took a look at your files and now I have a little better understanding of your approach and design process. :star:

I have long been a photo landscape background guy, but Tim’s work here is just excellent. I think that you couldn’t have one of the 3 without the other 2. They really should be a set of 6 and not 3 sets of 2.

Great job @exceedTM.

Oh man, what a compliment. :rocket:
It is the first time that I publish a work of mine. So thank you very much for your words. Means a lot to me!

@exceedTM Tim, since you have this set up to be able to apply a set of colors and quickly change the output of the job, have you considered taking the color pallets used by some of the themes such as nordtheme, solarized, dracula and others and applying those pallets to these backgrounds? They might be quite popular with the Window Manager crowd.

Currently I am on a mountainbike tour in Belgium.
But as soon as I’m back home and find a quiet creative moment, I’ll try this out.

Because I know very well the big known color themes like ‘Dracula’, ‘Nord’, ‘Catppuccin’ or ‘Solarized’. It’s definitely worth a try!
And if there is more interest in this (maybe even in our community here), I will definitely pursue this idea.

Thanks for your rockin’ impulse @WilsonEPhillips :rocket:

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this is realy excellent stuff!

to cite wilson … i’m the two or three monitor setup guy and use only abstract images as backgrounds, but these must be available as set and have “matching” borders, so they fit seamless to each other.


The wallpapers you have made, a good selection found in the link on first post, usually I steer clear of Googgle if I can, your wallpapers are a must get set, are so nice I got the complete zip set and will use the ‘showcase png’ also as wallpapers whynot they look good and very slick.

Thank You for sharing I do hope that you do pursue new things and continue in your art.

Thought __ put same wallpaper on dual monitors then flip one or the other so it seems your diving in or diving out, doing that after visiting forums today, kind of crazy mind warp, heh heh.

Enjoy the scenery on your tour.