Wallaper Submission 2/3 __ COPPAR __ exceedTM

Hello KDE Community,
Hello KDE Visual Design Group,

with this post I would like to participate in the current wallpaper competition.
Below you can find a showcase of my second out of three submissions, named COPPAR.

On my Google Drive repository you can find the final wallpaper

  • in a high resolution .png file (5120x2880px)
  • in a light and dark version
  • the .xcf source file, documenting the design process starting from a white canvas

All of my wallpapers were created with GIMP 2.10.34 and exclusively for this competition. I hope you like my artwork.

Love and Rock’n’Roll !


This is my favorite of the three. Very nice work.

Thanks for your feedback @WilsonEPhillips .
I hope more users will like my designs. :sunglasses:

I also like this draft too, although your 3rd submission “PASTAL” is my favorite.
Anyway, these are unconventional but still harmonious colors.

Keep on going with your work and sense for design and artwork!

Greetings from Finland,

And here again, thank you for your feedback, Anna :sunglasses: