Wallpaper Submission: Miu Péz

This is just my submission, my firm and strong mountain in front of the KDE Sun!


Google Drive Link with the Files:


And the Dark version:

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Good work - actually I like it better than “Altai” and “Mountain”.
Your mountain itself with the “KDE sun” is really nice and so are the effects for the whole picture: not too much and not too little.

I am not sure about the colours (especially the red), though.
The dark parts of the mountain in the “Light” version could be a bit brighter and all the colours could be a bit more like in “Altai” and/or “Mountain” for my taste.

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I think that light version is a clever and neat idea. I like it very much.

However, I do echo schwarzerkater about dark version. The vivid red color of it makes it more suitable to a horror movie/game rather than a neutral wallpaper (in my humble opinion). Maybe purple would be better choice for dark version?

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Danke für das Feedback!
You may be right, this probably is a bit harsh. I quickly made a more muted and more blue version, more in line of what i sketched in Krita!

Dunkles Render|Dark render

Vorerwähnte Krita Skizze|Aforementioned krita sketch

However, my render is still a lot darker than the initial sketch, since well, it still is supposed to be the dark mode. The Sketch seems way too bright to me.


Also, here’s a Tall version I just made:


I think this wallpaper is fantastic!

Possibly a bit more work on colours is needed but the overall concept is great, very much in the spirit of KDE plasma and beautiful.

I also like the sunrise / sunset vibes in the original versions. Maybe the red could be a bit less blood colour and more sunset colour.

The new dark is more like proper night time which is also cool, just a little too dark for my taste.