Wallpaper Submission: SunGear

Shamelessly inspired by “Miu Péz” (Wallpaper Submission: Miu Péz), drawn in Krita over a week. My final wallpapers aren’t as polished as I’d like them, because I’m a total digital art novice. Regardless I hope you like them.

SunGear Light mode. (Note: Yes I am aware this is a little too dark to be a light mode theme)

SunGear Dark mode. (More like “MoonGear”)

SunGear Light Vertical

SunGear Dark Vertical

All wallpapers can be found here:



Holy, this looks awesome! Somehow the same and still totally different than what I would’ve ever made them! Thanks for being inspired by Miu Péz!
And about the thing with the mountains not being that polished, I actually like that! Makes the look more rough and crude which I find very fitting of your composition. Cool work bro!

Edit: I also really dig the Aurora Borealis and the glowworms!