[wayland] KWin crashes when I Alt+Tab

I’ve recently been working to move my desktop PC from X11 to Wayland. It was going quite smoothly until I hit this particular issue. I’ve had the skills to debug and fix everything that’s come up prior, but when we reach GDB, I’m out of my depth.

With a 100% rate of occurrence, when I Alt+Tab, KWin crashes, dumps its core, and restarts. When it restarts, most of my applications are no longer running. Sometimes Konsole will still be running, strangely, but certainly everything else I’ve tried is lost upon this crash.

I am not allowed to upload the GDB file that the debugging documentation specifically intructed me to record, though, so I’ll need direction there.

I can’t upload text files either, so I can’t share share information about my system through qdbus!

Community? Does this belong here? What’s the standard for uploading files?

That sounds serious and you should probably create a bug report at bugs.kde.org

But you can also send the info here by copy pasting (unless it is insane amounts) you can press this button: (press the cogwheel to get the drop down)

And then paste the log. (in text)

:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Thank you!

The guide suggests that if you don’t know it to be a bug, to start with the forums. Bit confusing, all of it.

Thank you for the direction. I’ll head off to the bug tracker and link back here for posterity.

I mean, yes, that is correct, but I assumed you knew it to be a KDE related crash and not something else on the system.

Post the log like I showed earlier and people could take a look! :heart:

If it crashes it is a bug :D. Regular people probably can’t read backtraces so its probably better to report crashes to the bug tracker.

Are you using polonium by any chance?