What's happened to the wallpaper colour picker? Is this expected?

I hoping that the fact that it’s not a window (and thus can’t be resized nor moved) is a bug, since I can’t even see the labels of the types of colour codes permitted:

It looks like it’s straight from Windows 8/10’s early Metro days.

The fact that it permits opacity despite 440262 – Opacity support would appear to demonstrate that it might be separate, but I wouldn’t be surprised if someone merely forgot to close that issue. After all, if it’s not, I’m even more surprised that this wasn’t implemented in a manner immediately consumable by kcolorchooser.

https://download.opensuse.org/repositories/openSUSE:/Factory/standard/x86_64/kcolorchooser-24.02.0-1.1.x86_64.rpm and

flatpak install https://dl.flathub.org/repo/appstream/org.kde.kcolorchooser.flatpakref && flatpak update app/org.kde.kcolorchooser/x86_64/stable --commit=8a99f6026034ee88bd556c91dcb781add2a626828484252bc7945123e910e5e2

demonstrate what it used to use:

Even though it had its fair share of issues (484170 – Unable to resize.) I can’t imagine replacing that colour picker with this, deliberately.

Surely it looking like this is a bug, right?

Pick Screen Color is also missing from both (box, icon) in Wayland.

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@rockandstone, that’s tracked at 479406 – The "Pick Screen Color" button is missing on Wayland session, if you’re unaware. However, does the new weird picker have that button too, even in X?

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The obsession of Plasma devs with those broken popup dialogs have destroyed many parts of the desktop and its apps.

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This isn’t our dialog, this is provided by Qt. In Qt6 they changed it so these dialogs no longer have widget fallbacks (his second screenshot) and instead are these QtQuick-based ones which don’t look great. It’s a known issue for us.

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kcolorchooser has the nice color picker button in X11 (same as in 5.27.x), the color of the wallpaper has the icon instead


The usage of such dialogs started to appear in many places, especially Plasma settings and system monitor, and truthfully they cause more problems than what they solve.

I don’t really understand what is the force pushing the usage of such broken GUI component inside Plasma desktop.

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Can you please be a little bit more constructive, which dialogs in settings/system monitor are causing issues? If they don’t work, it’s a bug and we should fix it. And this isn’t the thread to discuss them, it should be on Bugzilla/a separate thread.

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I already reported some bugs related to them in system monitor and even Plasma settings, the main issue is that font, and sometimes even the components that appear on top of it, get broken like it’s slashed by something, this appears when you resize the main window behind it, it’s like some calculations are done behind the scene that squeeze that popup when the main window changes its size.

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@redstrate, I expect that @medin is referring to what the undermentioned examples depict:

  1. %Y%M%DT%H%m%S%t-21

which despite being apparently deliberate, considering that they’re modals provided by Kirigami, all have exactly the same issues, because that they’re not real windows — instead mere boxes.

I expect that those issues are why Microsoft abandoned such a design (for all except purely notification dialogues, for rationale unknown to me) in Windows 11.

Notably, kcmshell6 kcm_style still uses the old GUI, which makes this even more perplexing:

@redstrate, has a bug been filed for this?

I think 476509 – Color dialog is not usable when invoked from Color Picker widget is what you’re looking for