Where did the mouse's single-click option in Dolphin go?

I love Dolphin. I have been using it “forever”. It is arguably the most user-friendly file manager around. So imagine my disappointment when I discovered that, all of a sudden, the single-click option had disappeared…!

Why remove such a nice and efficient feature?

BTW, a similar question can be asked about the clumsy substitution of Ctrl+Shift+N for F10 for 'New Directory".

The way I see and experience! it, this is regression, not development.

Everything you described can be changed in Plasma Settings.

For single click: Plasma Settings> General Behavior
For shortcut, change it in: Plasma Settings> Keyboard> Shortcuts> File

The power of Plasma desktop is the wide choice of customizations.

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Very nice news. Thank you for this information! I had looked through the Settings several times without noticing this - global - option.

Remains to find an equally workable substitute for Ctrl+Shift+N…

Seems I need to take a couple weeks off to study Plasma in depth - it’s bottomless. Thanks again.

However, seems I am not able to make any custom shortcut stick.
I will practise more :wink:

More to the point - where have you been?

It has long been acknowledged that single click is ‘most efficient’.

It has also long been argued that for people who learned and internalised it, single click should select, then double click should activate.

The default setting for Plasma6 has been reverted BECAUSE IT IS WHAT MOST FOLKS WANT.

Anyone who doesn’t want it can switch back in settings.

Fair enough. However, in the brave new computer world one should expect upgrades to respect user settings.

It’s the new default for Plasma6, I didn’t notice because there were too many problems so many people created a new profile or completely cleaned out any Plasma5 stuff on updating.

Well, no biggie. At least it made me look closer at Plasma6, which is useful in itself. Many people, including myself, expect things to ‘just work’ :slight_smile:

The search fields should be able to get what you are looking for faster.

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Well, in fact no, at least not strictly. Although it must be kept rare, justified, keep users informed and in KDE we also usually allow the user to switch back.

Only Neon users had still the single-click mode by default.

About search fields:
For some directories in my /home/user partition Dolphin’s search function (the magnifying glass icon) is not working. All of these directories have the same owner and the same permissions, but in some of them the search function just bails out with “No elements complying with the search”.

Learning to search in Dolphin isn’t so straightforward, but I find if I go to Desktop, and want to find something like hmmm


I tend to end up with several subdirectories where I store pictures, then others where I push copies of edits and multiple versions…

In there, a file where I put the price at 149 and 83, then typing ‘149’ will get that on a CtrlF search… so that’s recursive…

As a bonus, it also pulls up the xcf GIMP files from other folders so I can edit the layers and produce new versions.

“No elements complying with the search”.

I don’t know where this comes from, as mine (in English) states:

No items matching the

Maybe just a language difference.

I was speaking about systemsettings.

If you want us to help you with the search not working as expected, we will need more information: index file setting (i.e baloo), path, pattern used to search, content or filename, Distro.

Clumsy translation from Norwegian on my part.

I went to ~/Desktop
and issued (Ctrl F) and searched for ‘hardware’ and got the equivalent of ‘No items matching the search’. So there, safe system! :wink:

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There is something fishy with baloo, now you mention it.
I am using Arch Linux.


bash: /home/petrell/anaconda3/condabin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/bin/site_perl:/usr/bin/vendor_perl:/usr/bin/core_perl:/opt/rocm/bin: No such file or directory

I don’t know where to look for baloo index file settings.

Search words/patterns could be anything. It works seemingly perfect in some directories and not at all in others.

Under Plasma Programstarter I found ‘File search’ and ‘Plasma-search’, both marked with a yellow dot(?). In ‘File search’ I see:

“Status: Indexing file content, 70% complete
Currently indexing: /home/user/(et cetera)”

but I see no activity.

I told it to start indexing, and now I see activity…

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systemsetting > Research > File Index (no sure about the exact wording)

Or you can search in systemsettings for baloo.

Interesting commands are:

  • balooctl6 status
  • balooctl6 failed

Thank you for the replies.

I get
$ balooctl6 status
Baloo File Indexer is running
Indexer state: Indexing file content
Total files indexed: 438 659
Files waiting for content indexing: 119 095
Files failed to index: 0
Current size of index is 11,51 GiB
$ balooctl6 failed
All Files were indexed successfully

KDE’s Programstarter shows the active indexing (that I initialized). When I closed it earlier, it went to ‘idle’, so I am a bit reluctant to stop it for a while… It spends a long time on each file.

I have realized something new: the search in Dolphin works flawlessly on my mechanical disks, but fails on my SSD containing EFI, boot and home partitions. The same seems to be the case with KFind from Dolphin.

If you have content indexing it can take longer depending on file type or their size, you can use balooctl monitor to see what baloo is currently indexing.

There might be some issues with some files, please open a bug for baloo with the files attached if you can.