Why doesn't the Users KCM allow creating a user whose username contains capitals?

won’t allow me to type upper-case letters in the username field. Any idea why? It’s certainly possible, considering that my username is RokeJulianLockhart.

You can find some context on this one via the top Google hits:



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just two wild guesses …

other OSs in general have a tight(er) relation between names and underlying file systems. unix* OSs create files and directories named after the user name. if FS is not case sentive, you’re lost. likely that’s why it a good practice to keep going with lower case only.

the kcm module is for those of us, who do not know how to use the adduser command. why should this module do not prevent illiterated users from doing silly dangerous things? although i would not complain, if this would be an optional feature with a big warning sign attached.


Because KDE’s motto is simple by default, but powerful when needed. I’m also fine with seeing a million warnings as long as I can do something via the GUI.

Forcing users to the command line creates too much of a disparity between what the DE supports and what it possible, one which isn’t present on Windows. If we’re to get more users, it’s a good thing to fix.