Will we see support for SVT-AV1 in Kdenlive?


I noticed that Kdenlive supports the AOM AV1 encoder, but not the SVT-AV1 encoder at the moment. The AOM encoder is dreadfully slow, taking two hours to render 90 seconds of footage on my computer, but supposedly the SVT-AV1 encoder is faster. I was wondering whether we might get SVT-AV1 support some day, or if there’s some kind of barrier preventing that?

This depends on your ffmpeg version. AFAIK, libsvtav1 is available in ffmpeg 5.0.1

Have you tried the av1_nvenc codec? You may need to create a render preset/profile for that specific encoder, though.

Oh, interesting. I’m using the Kdenlive flatpak, and while I find flatpaks to be pretty inscrutable (meaning I can’t check this to make sure), I would assume it’s using a fairly up-to-date version of ffmpeg.

No. That’s an Nvidia codec, isn’t it? I use an AMD card, so I don’t think NVENC is going to work for me.