Are you out of your mind to release such faulty update?

KDE Neon (standard, nothing fancy) update to Plasma 6 completely ruined my system

  1. google-chrome is glitching as hell
  2. logout/power buttons are not working
  3. multiple widgets now are not working, like Command Output
  4. digital clock widgets font is not adjusting
  5. with wayland setting scale above 100% lead to varius glitches, e.g. krusader not showing icons etc.
  6. once enter Edit Mode for main panel, then I can’t exit it, can’t press any widgets …
    … and so many more that I even even cant count all of them

I can’t work. And I have no idea how I can revert this update… is it possible?

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It’s a testing/nightly/developer quality release, not something that should be considered production software that everyone automatically updates to without any significant warning about doing so. Crashes very frequently when I try to do minor configuring. Seems like many applications aren’t yet ready for Wayland, but I don’t have the knowledge to know what is going on under the hood.

I have a backup ISO of KDE Neon 5.27, but I don’t want to start from scratch on this machine, so my best option is waiting on fixes over the next few months.

Alternatively we may benefit from figuring out how to use X11 instead of Wayland.

In the future I’d hope the KDE team is more careful with updates like this.

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we may benefit from figuring out how to use X11 instead of Wayland

I use X11 and I can confirm that most of these issues are present on X11 as well. That being said, please report bugs to the bug tracker:, but before you do so, check if anyone else has already reported that bug.


this is not an excuse for such a faulty release, it was obviously unusable, it should not be released at first place, I use KDE Neon User Edition for years and had NEVER EVER situation that everything is glitching at such a level that I can’t work any longer. I am using X11 to write this text, because Wayland is completely unusable with global scaling.

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Hi Denis_Yurin,

it was to be expected that many unknown bugs would appear in the new 6.0 release. The developers and programmers of the KDE Plasma Desktop are only human and they can make mistakes or not exclude all possible sources of error in a major release change.

Of course it is annoying if you can no longer work in your usual workflow, but before a major release change you simply have to minimize the risk yourself by creating full backups of your system so that you can quickly and easily get back to the old status before the release change in an emergency.

I have developed a strategy that has always worked well for me in the past.

  • update my system to the latest version on the last day before the release change

  • then back up the entire system

  • a first test of the Plasma update in the virtual KDEneon machine under Virtualbox

  • test the functionality of the software within the updated virtual KDEneon machine

  • Report detected errors

  • read along here in the forum

  • possibly add recommended workarounds or fixes to my system if relevant for me

  • wait a few days for bugfix release

  • if the major bugs have already been fixed in the bugfix release, test this in my virtual KDEneon installation

  • now may be the time to think about updating your productive working system



One of the problem with this update that was universally reported was that the Shut Down / Log Out is not working. How could this be missed? If not how update with such bug could be released? This never ever happened with neon user edition for years, and that’s why i used it. For me this means that something deeply wrong with a team, and I have to reconsider using kde-neon from now on.

Well, part of it may be due to your own lack of experience. I have been using Linux for 30 years, and one thing you can ALWAYS expect is when you have a brand new release of anything, there will be undiscovered bugs. This is true for Windows as well, or do you not recall the problems with every new release they have ever had? And they are a multi-billion dollar company.

The testing community for KDE is small in comparison to the rest of the user community, and the unfortunate reality is that many bugs will only be discovered after it reaches the wider audience. Expecting perfection out of the box on any dot zero release is just unrealistic.

The truth is, the problems reported so far are surprisingly fewer than I expected, and more people have had success than not. It bares reminding that Plasma 5 has been around for a decade… its mature and stable. Plasma six has been around for 2 days.


I’m really sorry this happened. The roll-out of Neon’s packaging of Plasma 6 was unacceptable, and we’ll be conducting an investigation to determine how it happened and make sure it doesn’t recur.


Is not an excuse, because was faulty in KDE Neon User Edition as well. Should not happen, at least not in this version of Neon.


Exactly. The version of Neon I use, and most others use, is meant for ordinary users. I was just telling my mother the other day she could use the same OS I use, KDE Neon. This made sense when KDE had been rock-solid and problem-free on my system for a number of years.

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Exactly, I am also using KDE Neon User Edition, which is “Featuring the latest officially released KDE software on a stable base. Ideal for everyday users.”. But according to some comments, it is ok what is happened, and actually this is my fault, I should be more careful and make thorough testing by myself in virtual machine before make any update. I’m glad that at least some developers understand that what’s happened is not acceptable.

Significant bugs were missed because they were not present on developer and tester systems, every system and configuration is different.
There is nothing wrong with that, that just happens with all software.
The wrong decision from KDE was to roll out Plasma 6.0.0 into user edition on release day.


The devs have apologized, it was a mistake, what more do you guys want?

For all of you shi**ng on the devs here, close to all of them, unpayed so YOU can use a computer with KDE, what have YOU made to contribute?

Stuff like that makes my blood boil.

If you as a user, on a community driven distro does not have backups in place, THAT IS ON YOU.

Thank you KDE devs for being open about making mistakes.
We are all human and I can imagine the pressure you feel.


Is there an easy way to back up the system with everything intact? All I have is a fresh ISO on a USB drive. My system now crashes about a dozen times a day, not exaggerating, but I’m reluctant to go back to a fresh install.

Agreed, but the issues would be quickly resolved with a reporting system like Microsoft Edge uses where diagnostic data is automatically sent to Microsoft, or else what Firefox uses where every time it crashes you get a chance to quickly send key data to the Firefox programmers. Without automatic bug reporting like this, it will take quite a while longer to work through all these bugs.

As it is, I think Kubuntu is a much better version for most users.

Multiple ways, it all depends on how your system is set up.

But an easy “works on everything” is clonezilla (does not matter if you dual boot with windows f.ex).

  1. Download the Clonezilla iso (stable, and change from zip to iso)
  2. Install Ventoy from your distros repository
  3. Run Ventoy and install on a usb stick
  4. Put the Clonezilla iso on the Ventoy stick (or just skip step 2 & 3 and “burn” the iso to a usb stick)
  5. Connect an external hd/usb drive/stick to use as backup location (optional)
  6. Boot with the ventoy > clonezilla
  7. Back up the complete drive to the external drive/stick (or to another partition on another drive).

The backup files will be compressed so they are not actually that big (depending ofc on how much data you have on your drive).

I would like to see microsoft act like the devs did above in this thread, apologizing and admitting their mistakes.

Owned by another multi million dollar corporation, Mozilla.
Do you feel it’s comparable to a completely community driven project like KDE?

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I agree with your comments.

It sounds like the issues could have been potentially avoided with more rigorous testing.
The OP and numerous others are complaining in this thread; and that is their prerogative. But at the end of the day, that does not solve anything. Why don’t they contribute and get involved specifically in testing ?

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Those unhappy about the release should demand a full refund!

Thank you to the devs and other contributors for all you do, and for working hard to smooth out the inevitable bumps along the way.


this kind of logic is quite concerning and now reading all these comments i am suspecting that it is the actual reason of this faulty release. Even after the core developers acknowledged that was unacceptable buggy release and it needs to be investigated there are individuals that continue to insist that there is nothing wrong. Yea to see that Shut Down / Log Out is not working one needs rigorous testing. Now due to this faulty release you will lose users which is not good for community.

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Please for the love of all that is sacred just stop!

If you want to contribute, then do that by creating proper bug reports. Otherwise, we all now know you are pissed off and angry.

Those users most likely does not contribute with code/money/correct bug reports anyway, so I think it’s just fine.
I also suspect >90% of those users will just move to a different distro STILL using KDE.

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