Plasma 6 Logo - Final Selection and Poll

The 6 Most Popular Plasma 6 Logos

We selected the 6 most :heart:ed logos from the original thread and made a poll to determine which is the most popular.

The three most voted options will be passed on to the Plasma developers for their consideration. Please note that this poll is non-binding and changing the logo will depend on the willingness of the Plasma devs. They will have the final say.

TL;DR of the prior paragraph:

This poll is non-binding and purely consultive. We do want to know your opinion, but devs are completely free to ignore the results

We hope this is now clear. Any questions, let us know in the comments. Please carry on.

In any case, the change, if it does somehow happen, is unlikely to happen in time for Plasma 6.0, as the project is currently in Feature Freeze. This means that only corrections, bug squashing, and minor tweaking for Plasma 6.0 are accepted at this point. Nothing new may be added and, if the devs do finally decide to change the logo, this won’t occur until at least Plasma 6.1.

Without more ado: Here is the survey and check the designs below to see each of the options. For simplicity’s sake, you can only vote once and only for one design.

This poll will finish and be closed one December 12, one week after posting it.

May the best design win!:

  • Fold
  • Squares
  • Half Gear
  • Thingy
  • Triangles
  • Circles
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Half Gear





Love Triangles as it is super minimal and simple while it also brings a sense of Branding and Exposure which can make KDE stand out. I’m all for KDE Branding because I love KDE Plasma! That’s why I choose Triangles.


IMO we should use this opportunity to choose a design that actually looks good and it’s noteworthy instead of going with one that looks most similar to the status quo.

So triangles over gear.


Thingy looks the least derived from common OS logo designs, while being having a notable iconic feel to it.

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I don’t think any of these logos are bad, but is keep the logo as it is not an option? It’s been what greats me after every login for ~6 years, I’ll miss it.


Don’t create a social media hype of something before discussing it with Plasma devs. That’s obviously going to antagonise people, and puts us in an awkward situation afterwards.


Fold is underrated and probably will lost, I would love to see it as a icon pack later.


We are not putting this out to social media. Only the KDE forum, mailing lists and internal channels. Also we wrote a very clear and massive disclaimer.

There is no intention of putting this out to Mastodon, Twitter, Reddit, or anything like that.

Of course! If the devs do not want to change it, then it won’t change, and there i nothing to say about that. Other projects can ask the authors whether they can use logos for other stuff and the they can be recycled.

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How is the voting suposed to be made? I don’t see a button for ‘Vote’ or 'sSubmit

My suggestion would be that the logo chosen would be the new KDE Frameworks Logo. Afaik Frameworks has no logo, so I hope that would not be as controversial.

Would that be Ok for you @David_Edmundson @Paul_Brown ?

There is a box with radio buttons and names towards the top of the first post. Click the button next to the name of the logo you like.

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It’s already on social media, here is lemmy and it’s a matter of minutes or hours until it ends on reddit if it’s not there already.

Like I said earlier in the promo channel, creating a poll like this without contacting the devs is the wrong way to introduce a change in Plasma (or any other kde product).


Coming from Reddit and Lemmy to vote! Most proposals are super nice and smooth! I am sure we will end with a perfect logo, no matter what!

There is no option in the poll not to change the logo at all.

IMO the existing logo is better than any of these.


There is non-ambiguous, very prominent and very detailed disclaimer in the text explaining how this poll is non-binding and devs can totally ignore it.

if they do, well okay. If the don’t hurrah!

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What I liked the most was the circle, as it is reminiscent of the sun and the sun is made of Plasma

Most of these options are KDE related at least somewhat.
However the triangles have no connection to KDE, how are they even an option?


Ok, thank youuu very muuuch!

I like the current logo, so I didn’t vote.

But among these 6, I believe that Triangle would be the best, still pretty detached from current KDE and Plasma image however, so obviously not good. Changes this radical only happen when your brand suffers some major burning, and it needs a face washing.

Squares is a close second place, but it resembles the Kodi logo, and that could lead to confusion.

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