Plasma X - a glimpse of future

Plasma X is a codename of my imaginary concept of next generation Plasma desktop. its a complete replacement like Breeze that had been made to replace Oxygen UI.

these just a overhaul of default presentation, its not intended to break compatibility. everything will be kept the same as Oxygen UI still shipped after Breeze rework.

likely reduce accessibility coverage compared to previous design but Plasma X not pursue “one size fits all” instead “one settings fix all”. make the system adapt to user not the other way.

Plasma X main goal simply to end the long standing “these are similar or a clone of some certain desktop” accusation and to pioneering a new, better and patent proof identity.

the list has been increasingly long so the full detail moved to gitlab. if its get positive feedback and approval from official dev’s, im more than eager to continuing further.

best regards.


Love your work.
Even if your logo does not replace the current logo it can still be the Breath logo. Like many Distros put their logo as the start menu button.

Haven’t had the time to look to closely into all your stuff, but if I remember you did alot of stuff, like splash screens aswell?
I will definitely take a closer look soon(ish).

tldr: keep at it!


Really nice, curious to see how it would render in reality with a proper theme for applications.

im talking about some external people who likes to mock KDE (and Linux in general) on the internet (reddit most prominently).

some more concept

and a first close to reality render @Atem18

parts combined from official KDE VDG Breeze theme evolution project.


i see. my deepest apology if its disturbing you.

Although I like your whole concept in general, I think many of the effects would possibly have to be switched off for e.g. visually impaired users.

Especially I like the idea of default window gaps - IMHO the gap size should be configurable and there also should a possibility to switch them off entirely for people who don’t like this, though.

Thank you for sharing your ideas and work.

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Yeah it really looks great, hope it gets attention !

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for disability concern, i think that’s can be made in accesibility features.

for people who dont like that, is a plasma tradition to be flexible so i expect there will be featureful settings.

these mainly only for default presentation to set Plasma as unique desktop from other competitor. all customizable features stay the same.

Please calm down your replies please, it’s not helpful :slight_smile:

Do not be like that, the community do not need people like you.


my apologies for new reader, its been some cruft but its fine now. lets continue our journey

added new concept: adaptive desktop

im sure there is this once hard decision for computer user to whether adopt a desktop workflow or considering a clean workspace instead. or somewhere between.

my answer is why not both ? introducing an adaptive desktop

when there is a window opened the desktop becomes hidden and so otherwise. a pin desktop button available when user need to open multiple desktop item at once.



and of course turn off settings is also provided if user dont need this feature for some reason like already had movie theatre sized display on their possesion.


woah, bold, i like it! this really sets Plasma apart from Windows, but not in just in a change for the sake of change way, but in a creative and logical way, while still maintaining KDE’s identity! and the visual style is just the refresh that Breeze has needed for a long time! i am looking forward to see what comes from this!


That’s a great idea, I hate the cluter on my desktop so hiding it either automatically or with a shortcut seems really modern !

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apparently Microsoft suggest adopting a floating panel too (many news of that on the internet) just right in time of Plasma 6 debut.

so if that happens, do Plasma need to tweaks the panel again ? it will be a never ending tails and tale.

im certain there is no desktop OS that heading into Plasma X direction soon enough. theoretically it can be used to pioneer and building a strong identity :wink:

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Great convo. It prompted me to imagine the main panel (Widgets: Application Menu, Activities, Desktops, Task Manager, etc.) as a floating pop-up untethered to screen edges. It could be called by shortcut, screen corner, etc.

The main feature would be dynamic widgets that are size-adjusted according to the info they contain rather than being size-adjusted to fit in a, relative to them, static container. For example, rather than shrinking process widgets to cram more into the Task Manager, let the dimensions of the Task Manager expand or contract dynamically to preserve consistently displayed configurable info for each process (The TM can still be configured to display processes by screen and/or desktop and/or activity). And the panel would expand or contract to accommodate the dynamic Task Manager, Activities, System Tray, etc.

Likewise, the Activity and Desktop pagers will dynamically adjust Activities or Desktops to display configurable, consistently formatted info for each app/process. This would also make it possible to visually–properly, IMO–display desktops (Maybe as pop-outs?) as contained by activities rather than in a separate-but-equal pager, which, conceptually, seems at odds with their actual relationship, as does defaulting function keys as desktop selectors and making number keys selectors for activities practically inevitable.

I have no idea whether all of this is, by some fantastic twist of fate, a possibly new-ish idea or whether it is well-understood bloat or whether it’s just inappropriate at this time or forever. But there it is.

Thanks for reading.

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biru, I don’t understand why are you interested in Microsoft/Windows?
I am using Linux/KDE not because it is different than Windows, but because it WORKS.
OK, it doesn’t hurt when it looks as beautiful as your’s :slight_smile: - I really like it.

I haven’t got the panel concept right now, but that’s my fault :slight_smile:
As I tend to have many open windows, I rarely see the desktop.

My screen is a mess, and I’d love it if there was a window decoration that allowed a colored top border for the active window (yes, it’s old fashioned, just like me). It helps me to orientate myself (I use “activate window on mouse contact” setting)
Keep up the good work. :+1:

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im not implying im interested in Windows though, just stating the current circumstances.

i also like the opensource because the matter of phylosophy, not just an OS that you can hack more beautifully. no worries :slight_smile:

maybe this would explain better

It’s not bad. I’m not keen on desktop weather, but I have similar look - using conkies.

2023-11-18 19:08:51

The clock itself is always on top, for when I’m watching TV or something:

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ongoing video trailer ahead. still working it on my free time.

look forward to it :+1:

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