Wallpaper Submission - "Breath" Style

thank you all, alternate variation preview will come in revision folder

red island its inspired from plasma 5.27 mountain wallpapers, its nor light nor dark enough.

Big fan of this Serenety wallpaper. Would love to see a dark mode version

Edit: I noticed the dark version; I don’t think it’s as strong as the light version though. Serenity-light seems in line with “Breeze light” design language, but Serenity-dark doesn’t feel consistent with “Breeze dark” very much. The foreground elements also pop less than the light version, and I find the combination of colors unpleasant in comparison.

I imagine a dark version would be better with the centerpiece still being white or light grey, on a very dark grey background, with blue lighting from above causing faint highlights throughout.

Hope my opinion isn’t discouraging. This is still my favorite wallpaper so far.


thank you.

as long people communicate in good manner, im always happy to take or consider any opinion or suggestion.

here i made a base image as you imagine.

from there you can download it within the forum gallery then use GIMP to further suit your tastes. maybe something like this ?

there is also past revision. come take a look maybe you will find your liked ones already:


some of my personal favorite:





unfortunately my holiday is over, i might be away for a while.
lets also wait for what judges had to say.

have a nice day :slight_smile: :+1:

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ps: in the end, “if” serenity does not get selected, im still hope it can be included as extra wallpaper or maybe even for future release.

the pure blue feeling reminds me of my childhood where computers used to be blue interface everywhere: kde 3, macos aqua, gnome 2, solaris, and the ultimate win 7 aero. they all truly gorgerous and memorable past.

i still think blue is the best and pleasant color for technology and would love to see kde in plasma 6 back to its blue roots for a while.

just highly opinion of user who had lived trough 1999 computer era :blue_heart: - biru


That is great work and this style is clean and professional looking, the looking for a logo thread should be so lucky to have you helping them.


Agree yeah don’t know if he has time to give it a try

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i see what i can do, but most likely not right now.

that “looking for a logo threat” is this i presume

look forward for it later :slight_smile:


This is almost exactly what I envisioned. Thanks again for your work!

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enjoy your new logo concept *hint *hint *hint

:point_right: How about a new logo for Plasma 6? - #167 by biru

done faster than i though, but i still cant guarantee im always free and available (expect for the wallpaper judgement days of course).

wish you all have a good and pleasant day.


yes, about that center task manager concept in case you wondering - my intention is just the same as Plasma dev decision on new “kickoff startmenu layout” and the switch to “icon only task manager”.

on that time they both look similar to Win10’s at a glance and actually very different inside as you try and look into it closely. nonetheless the majority of people are fine and accept it.



and in case you dont know Deepin they look like these and had those feature long before Plasma 6 coming of age.



i love to hear people thoughs and absolutely wont get discouraged as long we keep a good conversation.

This is probably more true to life than KDE Plasma taking from MS Windows :laughing:


Yeah apparently Windows 12 will feature a floating panel just like Plasma 6.

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To be fair to Microsoft they have showed a design like that for 10X.


in reality the developer and OS vendors itself are perfectly fine with that.

a general concept cant be patented anyway so no worries. the best they can do its mock others like android (innovation please), apple (security please) & samsung (join the flip please) does.

I don’t know how on earth you do it, but it looks like you just singlehandedly invented an entire UI… methodology? brand system? I don’t even know what this is but the amount of work you’ve put into this is amazing and the things you’ve made are very professional and aesthetically pleasing.


Here’s my Kubuntu Focus desktop with a floating, autohiding panel, the Serenity wallpaper, and one of @biru’s suggested Plasma 6 logos as a launcher. Running Plasma 5.27 on Kubuntu 22.04 LTS. This is an idea of how a system “in the wild” might look.

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It looks great, it makes you want to try it.

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thanks, you flatter me :blush: . if you happy then its made me even happier.

the first KDE developer is just like that even 100x better than mine. you know they creating and maintaining all of now these amazing integrated desktop for free that might cost million of dollars for a corporation.

the answer is hobby, that comes from a vision to create better things.

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i want to say my thanks for all people that had support and encouraging me on whatever edge of this forum :people_hugging: .

to the extent that made me want to go beyond of this wallpaper contest and made these things pop up on my mind.

brainstrom discuss page >>

just think it as some entertaiment present from me :gift:


You are pretty well organized for an artist.
That somehow doesn’t fit :wink: