Wallpaper Submission - "Breath" Style

introducing “breath style” a reduced version of breeze style triangulation into geometric string. this simple tweak allow to create more cleaner breeze triangels like art and also more flexible to be combined with variety of background style.

my works its all about evolving breeze style to be more clean and neat like modern wallpaper trend but still unique to KDE Plasma.

for full detail, sources and further revision please visit my gitlab page.

thank you for all your support and feedback, all submission is complete. here is a quick recap of them.



Red Island

what i did might be a overdone but thats just my hobby and i dont have any regret using up all my holiday for this. finally i hope you find enjoyment in my works as i do.

my best regards and might opensource world advance into better future.


added submission 1: Serenity

a wallpaper that brings pleasant desktop experience. pure breath style example.

gitlab page: submission 1
quick download: serenity wallpaper
screenshot galleries:

  1. light: serenity — Postimages
  2. dark: tranquility — Postimages
  3. twilight: zen — Postimages

demo video for fun: youtube


Not my style, but I got to admit, they’re really clean, great work !


Great work!! Really polished. Kudos!


I love the serenity background I was wondering what it would look like if the bloom had some pinkish-purple gradient mixed in something like the blending like the image attached

I am in no way a professional I was only curious. I had the idea maybe to offset the bloom a bit to create more highlighting contrast to make the bloom pop a bit. None the less It and all the rest of your works are beautiful even without any adjustments. :heart_hands:

Side Note: The image I have posted here for reference was made by someone else.


thanks. will try that later, please take a look in /src/submission_1/revision/ some time later.

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Right on. You’re awesome.

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the best I have seen so far! :face_holding_back_tears:

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thank you for the kind words. though, i think mine is just best at being simplicity.

im sure other contestant wallpaper had its own unique merits and best at something too :clap:.

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added “breath_style_samples.svg” in /src . intended for artist and developer.

with this file you can look around the concept of breath style. use inkscape to open and play with the svgs inside it.

quick download

updated serenity wallpaper with mr. rstreeter suggestion in /src/submission_1/revision

updated readme.md of breath style concept

added phone mockup


@biru those revisions are awesome I really appreciate that you took the time and did that. You’re a wonderful person.

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Oh! You really have a phone with kde mobile ? In any case, I think that serenity fits very well both for phone and for desktop

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I love these, had to set one of them as my wallpaper but downloaded them all :heart:

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thank you. these all just passionate work and not a professional grade or anything, im just a hobbyist. you all very kind of praise.

i dont own plasma mobile phone so the mockup is just a mock from plasma mobile website. still i think plasma mobile is as great as plasma desktop.

im moving to work on submission 2, please look forward to it on following week :slightly_smiling_face:

here a last extra art for serenity


Imo plasma mobile is kinda bug atm but thats another topic

@biru here is what one of the revisions looks like on my system


thats cool! :smiley: :+1:

if you had further personal taste you can use GIMP to decrease/increase tone or do a slight recoloring. im glad you like it.


added a new license text

starting polishing submission 2

added serenity revision: dark alternates, pastel, solarblue and summerdawn

slightly polished mr. rstreeter serenity revision

added new entries in unreleased folder: leaf and red island

(not very important) sharing a fun Opensuse desktop mockup :slight_smile:

while visager wallpaper is not likely will be on my submission, i think the color suits Opensuse’s KDE desktop very well and i would be glad if they want to use it.


added initial preview of submission 2

still fixing small details and processing into higher resolution

until its done, have fun with submission 2 wallpaper test trailer

fun demo video: gitlab

please dont mind why im eager doing all of this, its just my hobby :slight_smile:

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