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That’s Audacious. I run it in a kvantum override.


'You transition to 6 yet? Or stay on 5 still? Manjaro gives me no choice but 6 much longer. And I haven’t even shared my 5 rice yet :slight_smile:

I will miss: Latte-dock, mouse gestures, Simple Monitor & Aesthetic Clock, maybe even Alpaca Clock & Weather.

This look promising: GitHub - luisbocanegra/kde-material-you-colors: Automatic color scheme generator from your wallpaper for KDE Plasma powered by Material You
But maybe I have to edit bashrc. Unsure if it works with zsh & p10k configure either.

O nooooooo…Not…um…in the mood for 6 yet.
Myeah, latte-dock. Tried it, ditched it. For my use case, Tint2 makes more sense. As for clock stuff, I stick with conky. But I believe there are some issues with conky on 6.
I posted about that material thing before. Personally, not my cup of tea. Android’s material stuff already drives me nuts enough.


I’ll go look for it, Google is involved too much?
May I ask, what’s your Getaway 6 Di5tro?

Google is ALWAYS involved too much. ALWAYS And they have kintergarten ui designers for that matter.
A getaway 6? Haven’t really thought of it. First of all, I’m actually an openbox guy since…well, dinosaurs roamed the earth really. You know, openbox, one of those few linux thingies that doesn’t even require updates since it’s a finished product so to speak. And I made a choice to go for a deb based distro/environment a looong time ago. But if I would HAVE to pick a non deb one, Fedora would be a contestant I guess.

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I’ve briefly looked into MX lately as my maybe Di5tro. Could not get Adv. Radio Player to run though. It doesnt have system.d by default either.

Mx runs sys Vinit by default ( MX is kindoff a collab with Antix folks). It does have systemd though ( if you boot it, scroll to the advanced settings in grub). And you can set it as default I believe. Advanced radioplayer works in MX. For sure.
edit: the systemd thing



What Adv. R. P. version did you install?

Version 2.3.1. I believe it’s at 2.4 -ish nowadays.

EDIT: Installed 2.4. Works just fine.


Tyvm. Didnt look much why it wasnt for me. Might rethink, for laptop.
In it, look for Radio Paradise in Flac (4 channels)(Mellow too: ), its very nice

EndeavourOS, theming and other info in Fastfetch…


This is cool, What is this Plasma Theme ?

@ikelatomig, Klassy theme with Klassy Settings, along with Kvantum.

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It is exactly like the Windows always the user wanted. How did you do it ?

Is it actually IDM or something else ?


Just a few changes. Firstly, change to my newly made EndeavourOS wallpaper. Also added global menu, changed icons to Tela and changed application menu icon to monochrome…


While my PC has EndeavourOS, this is my laptop with Nobara 39…



My laptop has gotten a distro-hop workout the past couple weeks! :crazy_face:

I think I’m sticking with Solus KDE Plasma 6 for a while. Give it a thorough workout. It’s been years since I used Solus to any real extent. Really liking where Solus has come over the years, especially since their re-birth a year or so ago.