Wacom pen&tablet, multimonitor, plasma 6 and Wayland: usable together?

I’ve updated my Neon on latest updates and, ignoring the problems I had like most of the others, I’d like to ask if someone else here is using with success pens like Wacom with PLasma 6, Wayland and multi monitor setup.
The main problem I have is that I can’t use the pen in both monitor but, as driver settings, I can just choose which monitor is the target for pen working.
On X11 I can use it without any problems.

Anyone else experienced this problem on Wayland?

If someone would ask me if Wayland on Plasma 5 was fine, I can answer that I’ve never tried before, so I can’t report nothing on this.

Thank you very much for any kind of helping on this.

Just to clarify, are you trying to use the pen on on both displays or having trouble setting the display the pen targets?

I’d like to use the pen on both display.
Consider that I use the pen as substitute of the mouse (mouse that still connected, just as backup)

Currently the table is always mapped to one monitor. The ability to use it for all monitors at the same time will likely come with Plasma 6.1, see Add option to map tablet to full desktop area. (!1216) · Merge requests · Plasma / Plasma Desktop · GitLab

Great. Thank you.
So I’ll wait 6.1 to use Wayland.

Just to make a note… is there a roadmap where I can see a rough timeline for the new releases?
Or are you aware when it will be (roughly)?

You have a release schedule here :slight_smile: Schedules - KDE Community Wiki

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Thank you very much…so, more or less…at mid June.

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