Wallpaper Competition Ideas - What to keep, what to drop

Keep kexworld, julia, and spheres. I have already downloaded the hexworld for my desktop, love it

Because there are different tastes and many people don’t care what wallpaper is included, because they have their own favorite wallpaper.

The remaining “million” users are not active in the forum and take what is supplied. :slight_smile:


Some posts have 30 likes. This one doesnt have 10.
And I just don’t understand why.

What image is my favourite that’s No1 Julia both yep both

The object is a 4D Julia fractal.

The shading is done in a way that depends one the viewer’s (camera) angle.
This way one can define a set of colors that gradually shift from one to the other as the angle of the objec’s surface changes in relation to the viewer.

Notice how the darker blue stays mostly in the direct line to the camera, while the redish tones stay on the edges. (Don’t know if it will come across in GIF though).

Peek 2023-10-12 15-07


The red tones show thru on the GIF, amazing to me what can be done, also what I can achieve with computer graphics thesedays, you got great work already, well done, Thank You for sharing.

I guess I will be adding the alien one after all…


I really like it! The color really match!

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This looks really cool! Maybe make the “water” stand out a little bit or add some subsurf?

Very cool! I personally like the flower best but the hexworld (which seems to be the overall favourite?) is very good as well!

@WilsonEPhillips I got around to create a KDE store account and uploaded some other renders I made there. They can be downloaded directly over the desktop settings “Get New Wallpapers”.

I will upload there the ones that don’t get submitted for the contest.

After the contest is over I will submit the ones that aren’t included in Plasma 6.

@random One way or the other, everything will be available in the end.


@arty.buzz That is awesome! They will now be available to a lot more people than just those who visit these forums.

Really appreciate it! Thank you! Your other wallpapers look also very cool, even tho they dont really fit in the “mood” of KDE I really like them

Just made the submissions:

I’ll be uploading the ones that didn’t get submitted to the kde store.

I’ll post here when I’ve done so.

Thank you everybody for your comments and suggestions!


I’ve been trying to upload the ones that didn’t get submitted, but it didn’t work. It seems there are some issues on the server.

With your 3D models one could implement a wallpaper plugin to render it while moving the camera. One can dream.

Tried it again today, page was responsive.
But every time at the last form submission step it failed.
Tried yet once more and…

I guess I’ll wait a couple of days before trying again.

@random @WilsonEPhillips canyon and spheres are now available on the KDE store.

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Excellent! Once the contest is over, you can put the others on there as well. I hope they are popular.

Question: Can you edit them and put the resolution there, so people can see it?

Late to the party, but these looks cool. I really like this

hexworld light and hexworld dark are in my wallpaper library, popular for sure.