Wallpaper Submission - Flow

Flow wallpaper selection

My second submission, based on the same design style as my first one, offers a little bit more structure and texture than Waves (which you can find here). This one has been in the works for quite some time now, with many changes undergoing mainly concerning the color palette. I had a couple of ideas in mind and I wanted it to be simple, colorful and yet not too cluttered.

Hope you enjoy what I made! :blush:
As always, feedback is appreciated!

The render was made using Blender 3.6.5 using the Cycles engine. No compositing, all post-processing done in GIMP (color correction, exposure).

Here are the alternative versions (preview):

Interested in the full-size renders? You can find them here.


Great news - this entry was selected as a finalist! See here: Finalists Announcement!

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I absolutely love the dark version of this wallpaper and plan on keeping it in my personal collection if it doesn’t become the default wallpaper. Great stuff!


I remade Flow with all the feedback I received. These are the new ones.
Hope you enjoy!

What changed:

  • Colors have been adjusted to look more saturated
  • Less noise thanks to higher sample count during render
  • Slight outline around the edges added
  • Shadows are now tinted
  • Dark theme variant uses darker colors altogether for OLED screens

You can download the new files here. The old ones are still available through the link above.

Thanks for checking out my work!


I’m not the judge in the contest and I’m not affiliated with KDE in any way but
If I may suggest something:

In my opinion the edges are too close to each other or image border.
I would move the upper mesh down to eliminate tangents and get rid of that small squarish space.
Also, I would try to compress the image as 44MB seems to be way too much.

Looking good! May I ask for the source files, both for the origin render and the post-processing?

I’m cleaning up the blend file and then I’ll upload it, be aware that it could take some time though. As for the GIMP file, not sure how much that is going to help since I tend to merge layers during my workflow quite often so usually I’m only left with one or two layers in the end, however I can explain what I did in post-process if you’re interested.

Sure, just explaining the post-processing will be enough.