Wallpaper Submission - Flow

Flow wallpaper selection

My second submission, based on the same design style as my first one, offers a little bit more structure and texture than Waves (which you can find here). This one has been in the works for quite some time now, with many changes undergoing mainly concerning the color palette. I had a couple of ideas in mind and I wanted it to be simple, colorful and yet not too cluttered.

Hope you enjoy what I made! :blush:
As always, feedback is appreciated!

The render was made using Blender 3.6.5 using the Cycles engine. No compositing, all post-processing done in GIMP (color correction, exposure).

Here are the alternative versions (preview):

Interested in the full-size renders? You can find them here.


Great news - this entry was selected as a finalist! See here: Finalists Announcement!

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I absolutely love the dark version of this wallpaper and plan on keeping it in my personal collection if it doesn’t become the default wallpaper. Great stuff!