What is your favorite(s) KDE app?

I start. Kalendar because it helps me manage all my events and contacts and is synced with my Fastmail account :slight_smile: (I also one of the two maintainers so I’m totally not biassed)


If I had to pick a favorite, I think it’s a tie between Kdenlive and Krita. I use both regularly, and always impressed :slight_smile: We are very lucky to have so many great applications to choose from!


KDE Connect…err… Yakauake…ummm…Dolphin? I can’t decide on one.

I would say KDE Connect, if I had to pick.


As far as individual apps go…Konsole is probably the “killer app” for me in the KDE ecosystem. I just haven’t been able to figure out how to replicate its look and feel, plus easy split view management, in any other terminal app - and I’m so reliant now on being able to realize I want to do something else (like view a man page) while still having an active terminal program in view, Ctrl+Shift+( and boom, it’s done.

KDE Connect would be a close second, Dolphin a close third after that.


Akregator - it’s important to me that we have RSS readers that work in the traditional decentralised way, downloading feeds locally. Akregator does it very well and I use it ~daily to keep up with news and blogs.


I have three that I couldn’t imagine my computer use without. Here they are, in the order of importance:

  • Kate, my favourite text editor. It’s just amazing. What I love about it: LSP support for C, C++, and LATEX, customisable syntax highlighting, block select mode, multiple cursors, embedded Konsole, advanced formatting shortcuts (like automatic reflowing of lines, adding comments, swapping and duplicating lines), auto completion, split view… I do all my writing and programming in it. I find it much better than VSCode (which Micro$oft poured millions of dollars into). I have to admit, at this point, I’m completely addicted to Kate, losing it would set me back years (I would have to go back to Neovim, which is great, but it’s not Kate).

  • Konsole, it is the best terminal emulator in existence. It has all the fancy features I would ever want from a terminal emulator: split views, tabs, powerful scripting options, truecolour and unicode support, huge scrollback, clickable links and files. And when you run it without borders and with transparency turned on, it looks very nice, too. I do all my file managing and program launching tasks in Konsole. Zsh is my shell of choice.

  • Okular, a great document viewer. Very fast, stays out of the way and displays the document. Can exchange light and dark colours and tint everything, for viewing at night. It can automatically reload documents (very important when writing a paper in LATEX - Kate on one monitor, with embedded Konsole, Okular on another, very comfy). The only feature that I find missing is very fast, middle mouse button autoscroll for quickly skimming through books.

In fact, those three applications are the reason I use Plasma. Plasma is nice and everything, but if it didn’t have those programs, I’d probably just use dwm. But since I have to pull a few gigabytes of KDE dependencies with Kate, Konsole, and Okular, I may as well just use Plasma. :rofl:

Other great KDE applications:

Dolphin is also pretty nice, especially the embedded Konsole, and how it automatically cds into directories. In fact, for me, Dolphin is just a visual extension to Konsole.

Gwenview is great, and so is Krita. I also like Kdenlive. Filelight is very pretty. LabPlot, too.

I’m not sure if this is a true KDE application, but I really love Frescobaldi. It is the only “text editor” I ever use beside Kate. I wish Kate had some LSP support for Lilypond, but Frescobaldi saves the day in that regard.

What I find missing from KDE applications: a good audio editor, on par with Audacity in terms of features, and a decent, small, fast, and simple DAW.


kate, Kruler, krfb, krdc, kolourpaint, ksysguard, dolphin…
System settings is well design.

Details about krfb + wayland for the dev team


kde user since ~ 2003 :slight_smile: Congratulations to the dev team.


The best:

  1. Dolphin: Really powerful but also simple and looks good
  2. Krunner: I can launch or query anything with it
  3. KDE Connect: To share stuff, control the desktop, or for voice dictation

KDE Connect, KMyMoney, Okular


In my daily workflow I use kdeconnect, konsole, kmymoney, kdenlive, kate, kalendar. All are top for me.
The best? Kdeconnect, because it connects my android phone and ipad with my linux pc, helps manage presentations …


I love Kate. She’s a lovely girl.

I use Konsole a lot more though.


Dolphin - early on in my Linux career, I was trying out different apps for everything. I quickly found I couldn’t live without the split view.

KDE Connect - I end up using this more than samba shares. The ease of use is amazing.

KWrite - I thought I loved Kate? I actually like this better. Go figure.

Konsole - does what I need, stays out of my way while being reliable.


Elisa, KStars, Kdenlive, and Filelight


KolourPaint, Kolf, KGoldRunner, and KSnakeDuel. They were part of my late childhood. I was around 9 or 10 when my family bought a computer with Mandriva Linux 2006.0 and KDE 3.5 preinstalled. That happened around 2008 (yes, the OS was pretty outdated at the time). I loved making images that I would then use as wallpapers and I also loved playing those games.


Nowadays? KTimeTracker. By far.

The thing hasn’t failed me and it has 95% of what I want in a program designed to help me know how much time I spend working. The only things I miss in it are related to the tray icon.

Hopefully I can finish its port to Qt6 and possibly port it to QML. If anyone wants to pick it up that would be great.


In first place, I’ve yet to find a file manager as cohesive or functional as Dolphin, the built in terminal was a revelation for me, alongside a wealth of options that have yet to disappoint. Beyond that, in second place FileLight is another great little tool for visualising disk space. Kate and Kwrite also have a great balance for immediate performance and handling for supremely large files.


Dolphin is such a great file manager full of options that I miss whenever I have to use anything other than Plasma; the split view is really a game changer. Then, Okular is my go-to document viewer wherever I can install it, and (although I don’t really consider it apart from Plasma itself) KRunner is such an integral part of my workflow which, like Dolphin, I find myself constantly missing on other DEs/non-Linux OSs.


I use Kontact (KMail, Kalendar, Addressbook), Konsole, Kate, KDevelop, KMyMoney (of course), Okular on a daily basis (can’t live without them) and a whole lot more occasionally (Kdenlive, KCalc, Dolphin, Okteta …)

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Dolphin and Krita.

Dolphin is the explorer with more options I’ve found in all Linux environments, and Krita because it’s very complete for an open-source drawing program.


I would have easily said Spectacle a few months ago, but since the update that is no longer the case. I wish I would have never updated. :scream: