What we plan to remove in Plasma 6

Icons on the desktop!

The minimize button!

Visible Panels and docks!

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Bit unfortunate that Konqi stopped at the third line :laughing:


You do realize April Fools day was almost 4 months ago right?

Still wanting either Activities or Virtual Desktops removed and the features from the removed one added to the one that was kept. There really is no reason to have both Activities and Virtual Desktops.


LMAO how unfortunate! :laughing:

Do read the post, those lines were a joke


Could not agree more. As much as I like Activities, they’re just too buggy.

I’d love to hear your plans for Activities! I currently use Activities an alternative to Virtual Desktops in order to get the visual differentiation of a “per-desktop wallpaper” - yes I’m aware of Vallpaper as an option, but Activities work really well (for me) because they delineate clearly between my tasks on each desktop.

What does Plasma 6 have in store for VDs/Activities?

I’m quite happy with all of those things getting removed, they were just a mess.

The only thing I am a bit sad about is Unsplash picture of the day wallpaper, that was a really nice gimmick (though I rarely used it, to be fair).

I’m in support of no desktop icons :clown_face:

Really sad about Unsplash picture of the day plugin going away :cry:
I suppose I need to go download wallpapers the old way in Plasma 6.

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You don’t have to use it, but a lot of people (including myself) like to put files on the desktop.

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Regardless of OS it’s a bad idea. That said those that don’t want Icons on their desktops do already have a way to lock the desktop from changes.

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If you read the actual post, desktop icons are not getting removed, I was a joke.

I don’t need to reread the post cause I already know as long as there is a Desktop regardless of OS one will always be able to place icons, folders, and files on it. I just said it’s a bad idea to put / keep items on ones desktop.

That’s an opinion, not a fact. Can you please work on phrasing your opinions in a way that it’s clear that you’re expressing an opinion? Phrasing opinions as facts provokes people and causes flamewars.


The is nothing in that says I stated it as fact or opinion, so nothing wrong with the wording.

I think this train of thinking stems from the early 90’s, when anything stored on the “Desktop” for other OS platforms was a direct degradation in performance and stability due to the way that content was handled.

It’s empirically incorrect in this day and age - i.e. thirty years later.

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I think you are wrongly trying to say there is something wrong with my belief when we both know there isn’t. Go ahead and store docs, music, video, etc… on your desktop not having backup copies and have your OS go down with nothing being recoverable. Assuming I’m thinking about any possible performance hits having items on your desktop is not well thought out, cause since those are inactive files they are not going to eat any resources.

I’m not sure if you’re being facetious or intentionally building up a strawman. You do understand that the desktop is just another folder? Providing you have a backup solution in place, whether that’s rsync, borg, hyperbackup, or any other solution, your data is at no greater or lesser risk. I’m sorry but you’re just not making any sense so I’ll step away from this one.


Per-Activity power settings

These very niche and infrequently-used settings were mostly broken, but the infrastructure to support them increased the code complexity of a fragile part of the system. In the interest of improving Plasma 6’s stability and removing known-broken settings, we have removed them rather than putting in the substantial effort needed to fix them.

How do you assess “Infrequently used setting”?

I use a firewire audio device and it requires to be reset if the computer goes to standby mode when it’s connected (As I set normally). I do my work with that device in a separate activity and said feature is helpful that I can leave the computer and it won’t require to me restart everything if I go away and come back. I’ve had zero problems with this setting so I personally don’t even get why it is classed as broken.

So, this is a nice feature for people who use software or hardware that is messed by power saving measures, I would say that is not a “niche” use case and if people truly don’t use that then maybe that is a matter of education. If there’s anything I can say about activities is that a lot of people don’t really understand how useful they are for whatever reason.

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I see that Per Activity Power Settings are removed
I totally understand that it is a niche feature, and I actually don’t need the power settings, but it is (afaik) the only way to conveniently run a script when changing activities

This allows me to have a (hacky) workaround to implement per activity panels

Is there a plan to add this kind of options ? I personally dig activities, but they do lack some power still


You can set it so that scripts run when an activity is started, stopped, switched (activated) and switched away from (deactivated). It’s a bit of a hidden feature though.

To use, open a terminal and type

kactivities-cli --list-activities

This will show you them listed with a long id number separated with four hyphens. Then navigate from your home folder to .local/share/kactivitymanagerd/activities/ (you might need to create folders if they don’t exist)

Create a folder there named the long id number of the activity you want to do scripts for. In that folder create four folders called activated, deactivated, started and stopped. In those folder you can place scripts that trigger at the equivalent moment.