Yahoo Finance: Quotes still not working in KMyMoney v.5.1.3-fa1eab719


I still can´t find a solution to this issue anywhere. Has anyone actually solved the issue?

The quotes sources are set up when you first install KMyMoney, and are not updated by new versions. The main reason for that is to not overwrite any local changes made by the user. Unfortunately, it means the program does not have a way of automatically updating sources that no longer work because the source changed its web page.

Have you done any searching for this? There is another thread on Discuss about exactly this topic. I believe the main change is now to use v8 in the URL.


Thanks for the quick response. I did manage to find that other thread and now have the quotes working again. However, the FX rates are no longer working now!?!

How much have you searched? That problem has been addressed in a different Discuss thread, as well as a recently filed bug.