Switcheroo-control | Nvidia/Intel Laptop

I’m not a developer but I think this would be a nice feature if someone could implement someday

Hello, I’d like to understand why Plasma dont have switcheroo-control integration as gnome does in Laptop with hybrid video intel/nvidia.

In gnome for example I can install the switcheroo-control and after that the distro run all in intel and only some apps I can just do a right click and to chose: Open with Nivida Gpu. or also some apps already open auto with nvidia as steam for example.

I know that I can let the system in intel mode and use some commands in steam to the games open with nvidia but also this take much time when we just install an app for example Blender and we want to fast do a right click and open the app with nvidia.

Why in kde plasma this integration dont work? is that something difficult to do it? does someone already tried to add that in plasma? or people just dont mind to use that in plasma?

I’m not here to compare gnome and plasma, I just talk about gnome to explain the functionality what I mean.

I used to use optimus-manager with a widget (can’t remember if the widget comes with it or if it’s third party) is it something similar to what you’re talking about ?

No, its not the same. This widget only allows you to switch the entire system to intel or nvidia. This dont make sense in a laptop. With switcheroo-control we can use the entire system in intel and just with a right click open some apps in nvidia. Same as in gnome or windows does

That does seems pretty cool !

Maybe it’s worth making a feature request, if it has not already been made

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I dont have any idea in how to do the feature request, where can I find some information to do it?

There is already a feature request for this.


Well, it seems that a request is already made (see Duha message)

But for info, feature request need to be made on bugs.kde.org see ‘To report a bug or request a new feature’ :wink:

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Thank you.
I see that the feature request its since 2018 so if nothing happened till today maybe nobody wants to add it?

Either this, or maybe people have just forget about it, or both. There’re quite a lot of bugs reports/feature request after all.

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Reading duplicate of this request I found this comment number 1 that give a “solution” not a perfect one but that’s still something

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At least for now. That doesn’t mean it won’t be added in the future. Maybe a Dev gets a Laptop with a dedicated GPU in the future and wants to implement it then.

Also not every Dev looks at all Bugs/Feature requests. The Brainstorm category is also a good place to potentially catch the eye of a Devs. At least one minor change has been made after a suggestion in Brainstorm already: Unclear name for removing a folder from Places in Dolphin's Right Click Menu

Also in the future there might be a Sponsorship opportunities category
If many people would like to see a feature (and willing to sponsor), the feature is reasonable, then that also looks like a feasible option.

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In fact a bunch of work has been going into multi-GPU use cases, and I’m aware of two recently-merged merge requests and another open one. So it’s quite possible that we’ll see both bug fixes and UI improvements here.


Thank you ngramham

I was also checking here and I saw that there are some requests about switcheroo, if I understood well is this something that in the moment its being worked ?

I’m not aware of anyone working on 444709 – Option to run app on dGPU just this one time, but we have the plumbing for it in place so that it would be relatively easy to add


Thank you nicoslasfella

Could you pls talk about that with others dev too? Idk if all dev watch this forum and also if there are many requests from people to this feature. This is something really useful

I’m here to thank all devs that worked on that and now its possible to use the discrete GPU in Plasma.

But also theres something happening when we try to edit flatpak apps, I posted here