How to have a video wallpaper on Plasma 6?

Since most plugins don’t work on Plasma 6, is there another way to have video wallpapers?

Hidamari might work.

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I’m using the Flatpak version of Hidamari. And it can’t seem to find my video files that I put into the ~/Videos/Hidamari folder.

Hidamari works for me (I’m on KDE Neon) but is not usable, it completely covers the desktop icons and widgets.
There was Smart Video Wallpaper on Plasma 5, it was just perfect but the author seems to have disappeared so no port to plasma 6.

I had a video wallpaper for years, the change is brutal to no longer have it, this function should be native in KDE Plasma.

True. I think the KDE team should just take that code for the Smarter Video Wallpaper plugin and just integrate it. Along with that, make sure it uses the GPU for decoding the video so that the CPU doesn’t get taxed.

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It’s sad but I don’t think they’ll ever integrate it and I’m not even sure if anyone will port SmartVideoWallpaper to Plasma 6.

For the sake of completeness: You can use animated image formats. But of course depending on your hardware the performance is abysmal.

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I just tested after converting a video to .gif, it consumes a little more than with SmartVideoWallpaper (tested on an 800x480 screen which acts as a monitor in my destop pc) between 5-10% more resources.
Thanks for the tip.