Kde neon 6 cannot login after update

Dear Kde community.

I am user of kde neon about 2 years. Everything was alright until update from last week. Then my login screen looks like this:

I cannot login, when type a password i will get black screen and then it loops back on the login page.

In last 5 days I tried many things, e.g.: I'm blocked at the kde log in screen (which doesn't have its usual appearance), after I updated my KDE Neon

However nothing help. If anyone could help me debug this problem I would be happy. Even pkcon does not work:

However after many days of trying I decided to reinstall system. I created usb stick, but when try to boot from it I get only black screen. I tried other usb stick but same result. I am able to use these sticks on other computers and install kde neon but not on mine. Is it possible that last kde neon update damaged something in bios this way? Btw installing classic ubuntu would be possible from usb stick. I have acer aspire 15 E5 572G. Nvidia geforce 840M

Kde neon 6.0.

I would be happy for any suggestion with this issue or help me with reinstalling as I would like to use KDE neon again.


Try Plasma 6 update, desktop won't load

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I had the same problem. Some of the desktop packages were not installed correctly.

sudo apt autoremove
sudo pkcon install libdecor-0-0
sudo pkcon install libsdl2-2.0-0
sudo pkcon install plasma-desktop
sudo pkcon install plasma-desktop-data

The unusual login screen seems to show up if you used a custom SDDM login theme prior to upgrading (which mine was). I had another problem in that it kept putting up a giant virtual keyboard that covered the login screen. Simply restoring the default SDDM login screen theme should fix that problem. It may take some time for themes to conform to whatever changes have been made in Plasma 6 that affect them.

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The Fatal error states you aren’t connected to the Internet; says you are offline. Have you verified that you have a valid Internet connection?

Thank you for pointing it out. I lost connection to wifi couple time during recovery proccess, however when I made sure to disconnect and connect again to wifi before evry step described here apt - How to fix KDE NEON User Edition errors and update to Plasma 6 - Ask Ubuntu
I was able to fix my notebook again.

For those who will also need it, to connect wifi from cl: nmcli connection up --ask

Thank you.